One Sunday We decided to take a long walk from the Church, while walking it started raining and we looked for a place to eat. I was  famished after the mass and just a blessing when we saw a bright light coming from a Cafe located beside a car wash. We did not bring a car with us since we decided to walk. 

Right then the place was new to me despite that the cafe was only 5-10 minutes walk from our place. We had to try it out I said to my Partner. 

So we went in and got cozy on their humble cafe and was handed out their menu. 

They were very courteous and friendly, we were honest to them that it is our first time and that we do not know what to order yet.

I was looking for something heavy to eat even though its dinner haha, don't try it , it's not healthy.

So we ordered these:

Coffee topped with Chocolate cream and Pretzel sticks

This drink is by far my most favorite of all, it's sweet and light!

They also gave me a free cupcake and discussed the cakes that they do deliver and sell:

Their facebook page are full of creative cakes and they also can help get a cake for any occasions!

We thought the servings would only be a normal plating, but when this order came out we got so surprised since it was oversized! 

Nacho Salad at C&F cafe
The cafe lives by its theme as I almost froze from the cold room temperature, so I dare you to try hahaha!

This one is my personal order, the chicken and fries are juicy and pasta has heavenly flavor, it is simple order but surprisingly large serving!

The serving was plenty enough that I even bought home some of the pieces that I was not able to consume because I was already full. Now thats what I call satisfied!

They also have free super fast wifi!

Right after we arrived at home, I had posted a good review on their page. I was so happy and satisfied.

Then we called them up since they do deliver at home, it's so convenient!

You can visit their facebook page at


This is not a collaboration post, I am sharing to you my own experience without any incentives, this is my very own cafe review of the place.
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