I admit to you, it's been over a year since I feel stressed every day. These factors I can clearly state comes from work, home, and business. My body could not take it anymore and at the start of January my health declined tremendously, but I could not stop and continued on, until late last May, my health was worse. I couldn't sleep, eat or converse relevance to people. I get irritated and mad easily I am no longer functioning well. That's when my boss had decided to get me a leave for a month. 

For a few weeks, I stayed the same and my sleep cycle is messed up but after 2 weeks I tried my best to take care of my health, I slept on time, ate healthy foods on time,then adding some exercise, health regained back slowly, but I feel that there was something missing, whenever a stressor comes, there I go again.

Then with God's grace, there was an email notification. It was to review an app in the market and guess what the app is called FEEL STRESS FREE, I knew from that moment on God wanted to help me get back on track.

I downloaded the app thru Google Play, only takes a few minutes to install. 

Feel Stress Free app is developed by Thrive, it is an app that can help you manage your stress and relax in just 5 minutes!

This app is created by psychiatrists and psychologists at Thrive, by practicing the techniques in the app, you will learn to build resilience to stresses, pressures, and anxieties life throws your way. 

Mood selector and monitoring

This is how the app gets to know you, once you input the needed information as shown below it will start to analyze and monitor the best techniques to help you. 

The moment you open the app, Sound of beach waves and nature are heard for setting up the best mood.

Sliding to towards the red part would mean gloomy and opposite side which is green is that you are happy or satisfied.
A set of Question and answers are animated popping up inside the box if your answer is not in the box, there is an option to input your own reason.
Once all the questions have been answered this is the technique goals of the day. 
The app gives an analysis of your weekly mood, you'll get the statistics below of how your week has been.
The menu will show up the Breathing exercise which I need to do according to the recommended exercises, A timer will start and it is best to get headphone and a good quiet, uninterrupted environment for optimum effectivity.

You will hear a voice of a man/woman instructing you to breathe slowly. 

Once done, It will congratulate you for accomplishing one goal, you can go back later to finish your goal for the day.
There is an arrow on the lower part of the screen, when you tap it you will be able to see a paper, it is an inspirational word of the day, one of my personal favorite.

A fun way to choose a username, I chose sweet sweet fox inspired by my cosplay, Cinematic Ahri.

You can send the message in the bottle!
A Zen garden is an interesting activity where you get to build sandcastles or add in water and stones. on a simple square box full of sand used to aid in meditation.


I was given a whole month to test out the app, I used it as much as I can, starting up the app whenever I needed to calm down or rejuvenate. I tell you, the very first breathing exercise when started out properly, felt incredibly effective, then slowly, I can feel my heart rate and muscles relaxing from tension. I can think better and was able to produce fresh ideas for my work. I continued to use the app every day and felt better, but at times that I could not access my phone, I do the breathing exercises, surprisingly, it works.  

Breathing exercises are proven effective but wait till you check the Meditation and Deep Muscle relaxation, as you have seen on one of my photos, I have been increasingly stressing out, it takes more than breathing exercises to ease tension from within, the two techniques are effective and reliable in stabilitizing your emotions and well-being. 

The app is available on Google Play or downloadable thru PC.


As a promo and thank you for all my readers I will share my free promo code for the month of July: FSFJULY300617.

Here's the link for the website.

and the link for the google play app
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