The digital advertising world is an ever-evolving landscape that can leave some business owners confused, daunted and uncertain when it comes to implementing marketing and advertising strategies. 

For some, it is easy to fall into advertising traps and scams that lead their businesses nowhere, if not to significant advertising budget loss, particularly when done through platforms that are unstable or worse, through ineffective advertising schemes.

 Imagine spending for an online advertisement space monthly that promises you targeted exposure, but actually lands you nowhere near business provider searchers’ fingertips. That is bad investment and perhaps one of the reasons why some businesses opt to go for traditional advertising instead of taking advantage of the endless possibilities digital advertising – if done right – brings.

Furthermore, small scale businesses often get left behind when it comes to advertising simply because of limited advertising funds. It becomes difficult for them to compete with bigger businesses offering the same products or services, leaving them tailing behind giant corporations and companies.

Startups and small scale business owners often beat themselves up for ways to push their brand, product or service but because they lack technical skills, effective marketing strategy and most importantly, funding, they end up taking leftovers from big scale businesses.

This is the reason why the people behind Lookna gave us… Well… Lookna.

Lookna is a modern age search engine that service providers can use to get their businesses listed or advertised for service searchers to find easily. It’s a simple but powerful advertising tool that provides companies, whether small scale or big scale, the opportunity to get “matched” to the right client with just a few mouse clicks. 

Lookna understands the major pitfalls that unsuspecting businesses can fall into when it comes to advertising that is why it is here to offer entrepreneurs surefire advertising solutions. To avoid scams and schemes, Lookna has designed a system that allows only verified businesses to get listing opportunities. The sign up process is straightforward and doesn’t require special technical skills, but it is designed to be easy only for legit businesses.

 What’s fantastic about Lookna is that it allows equal opportunity to big scale and small businesses. This is called fair ads distribution. Finally, small business owners and operators or even startups, can enjoy the same exposure that big businesses do. This ups the game for businesses competing with each other because everyone is at an equal footing, the challenge then is for them to deliver quality services or manufacture quality products for clients to keep coming back. 

Aside from receiving the same exposure, business operators are also assured of exposure to their target market. After all, it is essential that your brand gets pushed to the correct audience, right?

Lookna offers both advertisers and service subscribers a win-win solution: Fair ads distribution has the Lookna. Due to pay-per-click charging systems being prone to fraud, Lookna is offering a FREE subscription plan for all advertisers for a yet to bedetermined length of time. It may be the best way for advertisers to test the waters and see if Lookna is a good fit for their business, they have the option to stay or leave later on when the search engine starts charging fees. This is especially great news for small scale businesses as they can gain online visibility for absolutely zero cost. Nothing to lose and only everything to gain, so to speak. 

The truth of the matter is this: Lookna is the future of advertising. 

With Lookna, there are no giants and startups – just legit businesses. Isn’t that absolutely beautiful?

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