June 17, 2017
15th-floor Octagon Building, Ortigas.


It was a thrilling secret about the company, when I was informed of a blogging gig at Ortigas Center regarding awareness for skin care, the name has not been disclosed yet until such time of arrival at the place.

I was invited by Mr. Miguel Hung, it took me a month to reply as my blogging account is separate from my work account which I always log in to. It was surprising that they still do accept the approval for the invitation last May. 

I am surprised when they asked if I knew Nu Skin, it is very NEW to my knowledge especially when they asked me the products I used for my face. They said that they are going to conduct skin tests before a facial session.

They have let us join a symposium for the introduction of the company which I was not able to finish as my current condition ~ gastritis has been bugging me again because we haven't had lunch since it takes 2-4 hours ride from our place to Ortigas, we missed the lunchtime.

On that conference, we have met doctors and Directors that gave us vital information of their visions for the company.

They encourage people to have the chance to have income by their membership for direct selling. 

Tests were done:

Before conducting the tests, my photographer Mr. Jonathan recognized the place where he had been before when we were at high school that he was invited by our high school teacher to join in, unfortunately as a high schooler he said that he does not have any income yet at that time, so he was not able to invest but he was incredibly interested in the development of the company especially that it stood the time since his last visit last 2007.

So moving on the first test is the 

Mr. Miguel Hung on thumbs up to start the procedure.
I was asked to place my chin on the scanning machine and close the eyes, I felt no pain, I only heard shutters from a camera and a somewhat different colored light flashing emitting from machine described by Photographer.

It only took at least 1 min for the scan and I already have my results in their database.
As you can see here on the picture, the machine thoroughly analyzed my skin condition, from then on Mr. Miguel was able to find out the best recommendation on how to address my dry skin and pimple breakouts. 

 My photographer was also tested out for the Weight analysis and from then was also able to recommend the best possible solutions.
According to them, they recommend to Mr. Jonathan These set:


This will help him get to his ideal body weight. Currently, he admits that he has gone way up his BMR and he was looking to find ways to slim down, he also admits that his everyday living had been quite sedentary that why he does not seem to be losing weight.

Fave Products:

One by one they had introduced the products to us, but by far these are my favorites:

It is a Mist diffuser infused with essential oils depending on your desired aroma and mood, it blasted the peppermint to my face and my tired and weary condition suddenly felt brightened up! P.S I was literally experiencing gastritis and it felt like I was being calmed down from stresses. 

This is like the HOLY GRAIL for the skin care products, they said that this device dispenses the correct amount of solution that best suit your needs!

That means that you will get the correct percentage of your chosen products to apply on your skin. 


So, upon introduction of the products from Facial analyzation device, the products recommended are those moisturizing, hydrating. I was beside also a guest blogger who tested out the products. 

This is just a tissue on my face with the combined products, bear in mind that they made us take off our makeup. So forgive me if I do look terrible here.
Encircled are the products applied to my face.

These procedures helped me tremendously in knowing how to address my skin issues and to know the best-recommended products for a dry skin and my usual skin issues which are pimple breakouts.

I only underwent through a free one-day facial so the results are not yet clear, but from my point of view, repeated use of the products would result in a youthful clear skin.

You can visit their website for their products.
Thank you very much Nuskin for your invite and free facial!


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