Hi, there lovely ladies! This time would be one of my faves, I would be introducing to you dreamy Authentic Korean products that we all crave for. To begin with, I’d like to introduce the website where you can purchase these babies:

 Wishtrend.com is a global e-commerce site that sells exclusive, high quality and authentic Korean Beauty Products by Wishcompany Inc. Their website offers the finest quality of our Korean beauty cravings, offering free shipping on their selected products. They also offer wholesale and distribution to their products contact thru trade@wishcompany.net.

 They are based in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea. The website is user-friendly, easy to navigate and mobile ready. Check out their Discovery suggestions at their WE DISCOVER tab and unveil varieties of their newest beauty products, and if you are looking for quality, check out the OUR BEST tab and divulge on their finest, repurchased products. 

 From basic skin care, makeup, hair and body need including their tools and more, you’d find it enticing to purchase, such for example the trending sili puff and ElishaCoy 3D Spin cleaner includes their Machine + Face Cleaner Brush are one of the must have every woman needs to have.

 Wishtrend values Genuine Beauty “We explore, select, create, enjoy and share you the best products to help you become beautiful inside & out”. They wish to be beauty explorers with healthy lifestyles because they believe that healthy skin is the best makeup you can do. #Wishtrend is a place where Beauty Explorers who are beautiful inside and out are gathered to promote reasonable consumption and healthy beauty.

Live Chat 

 Wishtrend website has one of convenient Live Chat services during their business hours, you'd get to chat with a live agent who can help you if you have any inquiries.

Sometimes, less is more. Wish recipe is definitely ‘less’, but ‘more’ expected. Even though it's compact, the effects are powerful. It is designed to minimize the complicated steps of skin care and give you ‘the special recipe’ for any skin concerns. These recipes will help you get the skin you deserve. This is exclusive only by Wishtrend.

My personal favorite wish recipe:

 If you ask me my favorite would no doubt be their DIY CREAM SHEET MASK, Brand: Klairs. I am a die-hard fan of DIY and one of the most expensive but the best-known step in Korean Skin Care Natural Beauty is all about MASK! I browsed all throughout the Pinterest on how to do a Diy sheet mask but I am literally nervous on doing so as I am not sure of what the outcome would be, I have to be extra careful with anything that is applied to my face since it is admittedly my most profitable asset and if your face is your asset, we don’t want to experiment on it, right? 

 When I saw this DIY Cream Sheet Mask, it’s a dream come true to me that I get to fulfill my desires to do healthy DIY’s on my face and I am in love. It is addressing my dry skin issues since it provides optimum hydration and moisture deep on your skin. For only a total of $43.90 with their -20.17 off, perfect for all skin types, and safe!

You get:
Toner 180 ml
All-Over Lotion 250 ml
Cotton pad 1 Box
Let’s prioritize adding this to cart ladies!!!


 WishTrend offers this kit that you can purchase and it's free worldwide shipping.

 This kit would mean that you would definitely be having a bunch of products in a box and discounted!

 I've found out that it would save you money from buying kits rather than individual purchases, plus it would be sure that you would get the complete package that your skin care needs. 

Check the kits at their KIT page.

PLUS, look at this ladies:

Bring out the High Queen inside of you through this fantasy headband!

This headband is reminding me of THE MAGICIANS in Iflix, turn to into a High Queen of Fillory with this $9.00 headband while creating a gorgeous facial masterpiece applying your skin care products or makeup.

I can definitely imagine myself posting a selfie of this crown and its perfect even for my blog name, ReshaDollyPrincess.

Most viewers/readers had demanded that I do a makeup or skincare tutorial but I have not done even one of those wishes, so I say I might release a video or two if I get this headband. 

The material is made out of Metallic Foil Fabric.

Check out their youtube page and see their interesting skin care videos, you'll surely love!

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