Shinya Shokudo

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I’ve never felt this warmth over food and company from others. Shinya Shokudo got everything right in the feels, it was the heartfelt perfect combination of good food and a family warmth environment, people haven’t realized it yet but this is what most people are looking for, a place they feel welcome most of the time, where they can freely express their emotions and share laughter with others.

My first look:

My first impression of the series attracted my attention to the song itself. They had chosen a set of modern day Japan to combine with a traditional inspired song.

 I thought that it would make me feel bored in a few seconds since the scene is simple with a man serving his customers and letting them share their life stories.

but then...

  I found myself clicking the next episode to another and the next thing I knew I was researching in sites of where I can watch more of the series.

Scene Settings set the mood:

Shinya Shokudo’s interior is a traditional Japanese type of diner that I’m envious to experience dining in, the wooden interiors kept the customers warm from the cold weather in Japan and the U-shaped table seating makes it inviting to make a conversation friendly environment.

How did Master bring together a group with different personalities?

I’m surprised as to how Master was able to bring harmonious relationships among his customers, despite the customer’s attitude differences and walks of life, Master was able to keep them together even celebrating Christmas and New Years together like a family gathering.

The place makes me want to reflect and take it slow for a moment. I’ve been on a fast-paced day to day life that I forget to loosen up and let go, because of it, I suffered some consequences. Master has this certain aura that you would want to share that feeling that can set you free, he was able to dig deeper into the situation of his customer by only listening, he may say a few sentences but he will definitely make you realize something.

Master's "Image":

He is definitely the “Father” of the house. His very own words will not manipulate you to make a decision but will open options that lead to a solution or make you reflect, how definitely lucky for the customers to have someone like him. You see, some people may not have realized it, others are blessed they have met a certain “master” in their life, but others didn’t have the chance to.

Memories of each food:

Master serves the food with my big question in mind, how was he able to know which to serve that will definitely touch the hearts of his customers. Each episode contains a story relating to a meal. It was not only Master’s delicious cooking that the customers are attracted to but a certain meal that made an impact in their life or a certain memory had reminded them made an everlasting impression. 

an example:

Such an example on one episode of the Butter rice is about a taste tester who chose Master’s simple meal over the expensive five star meal he criticizes everyday, the butter rice had reminded him of a certain event in his life and combined with the warm, inviting atmosphere of Shinya Shokudo, reminiscing the past became as sweet as candy.

Message to production:

Make more series, please!!

I have finished all the series, manga and movie and I would want more series, it’s selfish of me to ask but it’s become addicting for me to know what happens next. Master must have felt the same, from a view of his workplace. His customers became an entertainment to him as well, like watching a television drama but more interactive and real life. I think Master has the best television drama/comedy etc. in his diner. 

My Acknowledgement:
I gave thanks to Netflix when I discovered this series, if I hadn’t got the recommended title and striking picture of “Master” Shinya Shokudo’s main protagonist, I would never feel this serenity, it’s actually on a perfect timing, I have made a big decision in my life again due to my current condition.  It turned out heartbreaking for me, I’m sorry that I could not certain disclose some specific information due to privacy issues but, to be honest, the film became my stress therapy and reflection.

All actors and actress played the parts well! Cheers to everyone!

This video is my favorite ending song of Shinya Shokudo, Kindly play and hear the song if you can.

Here are some links where you can watch Shinya Shokudo:
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