Birthday months are in! I know it must be nerve-wracking to prepare for one special day on your own, I have been feeling the same way each year.

My lack of planning gives me regret to do the things that I wish I could have done in that fateful year.
If only I have planned them ahead of time. So, I’m making my own birthday resolution for this month and I’m definitely going to prepare for my birthday right and this time, nothing’s going to stop me.

So for my first step of Birthday event planning I surrender to myself a paper and pen with a printed DIY simple Birthday event planner, I made these myself for an accurate planning for next week.

I love to share them to all of you that are going to celebrate any birthdays soon or maybe you’re planning to make a surprise party for your loved ones.

This print out would make it surely easy for you as I have already outlined everything that you’ll need on that day, you will only fill them out with your ideas!
The version is in Word and PDF so you can edit them as you want even use your tablet if you have one.

My Introductions include space to fill in for:

  • Theme
  • Color palette
  • Location 
  • Visitor Count
  • Estimated Budget

The categories that I have made here consists of 

  • Gourmet 
  • Decorations
  • Outfit Ideas
  • Concept Design
  • Illustration
  • Guest List

Your first thought would be the best theme for your party, example ideas are Disney, pastels, Coachella inspired themes.

Your color palette selection is what gives life to your party, an advice is to choose three colors for beginners then you can work your way to mix and match color later.

Take note of your location and jot down any factors that might affect example if you are planning to do a garden party, you can note: mosquitoes issue and address this problem later.

Knowing your visitor count would save you the hassle of looking for an extra seat or estimating the amount of food you’re planning to serve.

The concept design illustration is a free blank space to draw your first concept designs that you want to achieve or you can also draw up seating arrangements.

Writing your guest list can help you get to know each other needs and get a 5-star feedback on your event, you can add a little note on the side for a specific person. An example is Ralph is a vegetarian.

On each list, I have added a total estimated amount that you might spend so you can fully monitor your budget.

I hope I was able to give you a useful planner sheet to help loosen the load of planning for birthdays, my advice for you is to plan something simple first, so you can still enjoy the party and the guests appreciate it more if they have your full attention in hosting. 

You can get your free planner here

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Here is a preview of the free printable planner with my writing using my Wacom.

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