I feel excited about my birthday coming up next week. I already had written a blog post of my birthday wish lists but due to accidents, the computer was reformatted and my first write-up was not recovered, I was devastated since I was inspired to write at that day which only comes once in a while but I won't let that spoil the fun of documenting my thoughts for my birthday soon.

September started out smoothly for me, I suddenly have this burst of inspiration the moment I woke up and read some of dizzybrunette blog posts. Her photos were fun and colorful and I'm amazed as to how she connects with her audience!

Upon writing this wish list I realized that I have become practical in what I wanted in life, I would mostly yearn for those that can help me on my dreams, I can say that I've matured a lot especially just interacting with so many people I met along the way, they helped me become the better person I can be proud of.

My list starts with a learning based gift, I am always living by the motto of my alma matter "As we live we learn ". I admit that my former school has influenced me to pursue what I wanted to do in my life and I am thankful for that.

The first on my list is:

1. A Japanese intermediate to advance course book for speaking and writing

Realization struck me when opportunity followed wherever I go, my childhood dreams have come haunting me cause I tried to turn back and give up on my dream of pursuing the language I would most likely love to learn. I may know basic Japanese at heart but I realized I needed to continue what I have started and finish them. I fell in love with Japanese because of Anime, games, vocaloid and their culture, and right now I thirst for even more knowledge about Japanese language. I remember that I have wished for a Fushigi Yuugi manga with a basic Japanese writing course book from my cousin when he asked me I didn't hesitate to tell him but when I was trying to understand the writings I realized basic courses are not enough to help me read all of them so books about intermediate to Advanced courses would be most helpful for my journey of learning Nihongo.

2. Professional HD Makeup with Vanity train case (portable version)

This wish may be too expensive but It has been years that I needed these especially now that my dreams are not only knocking at the door but I feel as if it has barged in and I am glad it did.

I would certainly need these babies for my blogging and cosplaying which have become a part of me and continues to do so. The demands are starting to escalate for a better much more clarified works of art for my photos, videos and real life, it's not putting a big deal of pressure, but it would be sweet to deliver quality work. My meetings with international clients and certain people in the industry have made me realize that I am still representing my country no matter what I do and an improvement to the basic tools for slaying the camera and eyes of people are in line. So, I say No pressure at all. Hahaha.

3. A lightweight, large screen Tablet with wireless keyboard.

As mentioned earlier, the demands of my dreams have escalated to a level where in I realized that I need to upgrade for improvement. The tablet would mostly likely be used for my blogging and cosplay write-ups, simple photo and video production at my travels or at home.

4. A conversation with friends.

A simple wish for my birthday would be to reunite with friends. We are all busy with our lives that I missed them so much a simple chat is listed in my birthday gifts. I hope that this message will be read but most of my warmest friends, I miss you, let's have a nice cup of tea, maybe?

5. World Peace and good health for everyone

This is actually my greatest wish of all for the whole world especially to my country. World peace. Some may say that war is inevitable but I feel that the world does not need that right now, Mother Nature has already been threatened for centuries further harm and maybe next time there won't be anymore Earth or humans left.

I can see that many people have become aware of the nature issues and are also doing their part on maintaining balance which is wonderful. Keep up the good work and push more efforts to influence others in doing so.

I also wish for good health to everybody and live their life to the fullest. It would be a great bonus for you to reach your dreams as well as long as your wish will not harm anyone.

So, there you go. I am grateful for everyone reading this and a million thanks to the one who is generous to give one of these gifts for my birthday. I am not requiring anyone to send me these gifts, but if you do. I say, Thank you so much in advance!

I'm grateful for God's grace in the blessed 100 days before Christmas to come, because of it I was able to experience his world that he created and met lovely people.

On this month of Birthdays, what are your birthday wish list? I would want to know! Write a comment down below or you can directly email me.

and to those celebrating their birthdays this month too:

Happy Birthday to you!

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