I have decided to share my blessings, with my birthday coming up so soon, I decided to treat my little buddy a spa-like experience in his bath. 

My hedgehog named Ero meaning love is not quite a fan of baths, he is the great descendant of Sonico's great grandchildren, my first hedgehog. He would try to escape even with the slightest water touching him. He knows it's bath time and it's a big no-no for him, but in order to keep him clean and healthy, I need to assist to give him the best for his needs. 

 On my journey to H&R, I found a great bargain sale of P99.00 instead of P199.00, a bunch of 4 little pet-friendly shampoos. It's a great deal, although I haven't checked the product review on the net when I bought it since the store is already on closing hours and everyone is in the rush to go home, I have researched it at home.

I called them up internationally and they said that it can be used for hedgehogs.
Yey! By the way, if you want to know incredibly cheap calls for international I use a specific app, TalkU on google play. 

I am not affiliated and collaborating with any sponsors etc. This is my own review of this product I discovered.

2 in 1 Squeaky Clean Shampoo

is made by Rufus & Coco for animal use, it is a mild shampoo and conditioner all in one, it indicates that it has the fresh scent, which seems to be undetected on my part. 

It says it's suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, mice & rats. 

I had to ask an expert before buying and gladly they were able to confirm this is good for my hedgehog too, the category would fall in the ferrets part. 

It's only 4 pieces and each is only 125 ml.
It indicates that is made from Australia. 

According to their product info on the website, the product is ph balanced, designed for small pets, free of sulfates and parabens, a component sometimes seen in a typical shampoo and are considered harmful to them. 

It also indicates that it hydrates and cleans hair adding shine and reduce static. 

The usual price is $10. 35 on the online market so I definitely have scored a budget on this one.  

The directions are well indicated in each packaging, I'll write them down for easier reading:

Directions for use:

How to care for your little friend: 

Guinea Pigs: Wash 1-2 times a month
Ferrets: Wash once a month
Rabbits: Wash only when necessary
Rats: Wash only when necessary

First, place a rubber mat or towel in the bottom with 2-4 cm of warm water. Your pet should not be completely under water!

Apply some Rufus & Coco 2in1 Squeaky Clean to the coat and massage it in, taking care to avoid the face. Towel, chamois or blow dry on a low setting and keep your little mate warm until completely dry.

Finish up with a brush with the Rufus & Coco Self- Cleaning Sticker Brush

 Active ingredients: 

Cocamidopropyl betaine
Sodium lauroamphoacetate
Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate
Cocoamide DEA
Hydrolyzed wheat protein & starch complex
hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed wheat protein

Manufactured by

Rufus & Coco Pty Ltd
Suite 17, Level 1
1-3 Brady Street 
Mosman NSW 2088, Aust

Tel (+61) 1300 851 422

Here is my "Ero", he just had bath and yeah he does not like bath so much unlike other hedgehogs in the internet, although I tried everything to make him comfortable, he's not quite a fan of being drenched with water, but I need to make sure he is well taken care of.

The picture is blurry because he moves a lot like crazy every bath. He seemed to like the Rufus and Coco Squeaky clean shampoo and conditioner as he looked calmer this time compared to other shampoos that I have tried for him. 

I noticed that he doesn't seem to irritatingly sneeze with this shampoo, other brands i have tried seemed to have either too much fragrance or is not pet friendly at all, as i have observed from his behavior.

Plus, it seemed that his coats shinier. Its not too shiny but there is a certain difference in the glow seen on his coat.

It only has a faint fragrance but its not strong. 

This brand has been on sale for quite sometime now, soon this might not be available on the shelves anymore but I hope I get to see this brand again on their stores. I would definitely buy it.

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