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We had walked to Munoz Market, Quezon City starting around 4 am from our home yesterday. As we were looking at the market for our dinner, a large crab is showcased on the piled crab and gaining the interest of many customers.

charybdis feriata
Charybdis Feriata

We had immediately bought the crab for P300.00 and I almost slipped when we went back at home to get more money to buy other dishes compliments. 

We got too excited to think of the type of cooking delicacy we're going to do.

charybdis feriata
It turns out upon my researches, this is a rare crab named Charybdis Feriata, most often seen in Cebu or Japan. 

The seller said it could have cost more if it was alive.

Surprisingly, the whole family is excited about the crab. 
We ended up with a decision to use butter, onion, garlic, salt, ginger and add sprite.

We first boiled it with Sprite soft drinks then added the butter, onions, and garlic. 

We also bought other seafood like shrimps for P100 half kilo and Tahong P100 half Kilo.

A grinder was used to open the claws but the claws were thick, it took us 4 minutes to open them in half. 

Here would be a short video of cutting the crab with the mini grinder.

We had crab and corn soup too and fried rice

Somehow, I'm incredibly thankful, it felt so much like a fun family Sunday. Everyone was so happy and excited. We all love seafood and shared moments of how memories of our favorite seafood moments when we were young. Mom said she had seafood given one of Grandmother's side of the family which is the same size.

I, on the other hand, reminisced my moments with her when I come to her island conventions.
While meaw and handmaiden talked of how it was in their hometown seaside life. I would be wishing that Sundays are spent family time like this but after that reality check, I still got deadlines.

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