Happy Halloween! Omg, How time flies! I didn't even notice how fast time flies but Thank God with Holidays, it helps me slow down with my fast paced life and get to enjoy the festive season. I recently went to Divisoria ( priced down market ) and bought sunnies to prepare for our Halloween visit in the cemetery, our family tradition for ages, they were selling these for P75.00 each, quite a good price and style is good, although it is made out of plastic material which is a big downer on my part, nevertheless, I fell in love with the sophisticated style and bought it.

My Bf had told me to open up a package we purchased long ago for a friend, but he did not claim it, so he said that I open the package and use it.

I got the Harry Potter Makeup Brushes by Geek Shopping app around $30.00 and I was shocked to see the size of the brushes which I thought is longer. It had disappointed me at first but when I did the unboxing, finding the metallic handles and soft bristles changed my view about these babies. 
These brushes seemed to be focusing on eyeshadows, but I am not used to wearing eyeshadows, so the only problem would be to get an eyeshadow palette. I did a unboxing video on my youtube channel, but I did a fast forward phasing. For these Halloween, I'm on a plan to watch my favorite movies and series, whether it is scary or not. So, Have a fun Halloween to all! 

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