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The last time I had visited Svel'ti clinic for the first time, I was given a free pouch containing these immaculate babies and as a bonus, I also won the raffle. Inside the pouch includes the Svelti embroidered name on the white face towel and instructions to use these. 

It took some time before I had finished up all my skin care products I used so when I was able to finally do, it's time for me to take these babies to trial. 

Collagen Skin Cleanser - used for normal to dry skin, often used as soap. When I used this, it felt so velvety on the skin, I had thoroughly massaged it in a small amount in a circular manner. When I had cleaned with water, it felt as though the cleanser is still on my skin, I wasn't used to it, but it did contribute to smoothness

Collagen Skin Toner - normal to dry skin, used as a skin toner. On a small cotton, I had placed a small amount of toner, it felt refreshing but not tingly on the face,

Collagen Cream - for face and body, used as a massage lotion. I kinda messed up a bit when I was getting a small amount of these resulting to get a huge amount on my palm and fingertips, gladly its used for the body so I placed some on my arms and legs and results are amazing which I often experienced till the next days on and following. 

Ultra V Regen - for all skin types. Used as a skin moisturizer. The packaging on this one is really neat, I have dry skin so this is extremely helpful. It brought good moisture in my skin especially on my forehead where most dry part occur. 

This came on the right time as I have almost abused my skin from recent cosplay's and certainly I would rejuvenate and repair it as much as I could since it's my greatest asset. 

I have only used this for a day but the results are great. Even the mailman had noticed the difference in my skin and said I looked glowing. I hope for better results for these and will update for the progress. 

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