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After long hours of work I got exhausted but I have energy left yet so I couldn't sleep immediately. I'm almost drained that I wanted to treat myself a reward for all the hard work I have done on the day. I was able to finish up most of the assignments but next work progress is getting tedious and demands are crazy, I don't want to think about it. I did not escape my unconsciousness falling into my deep slumber as I dreamt I was still at work and doing the next assignments in my dream, I woke up feeling like I had done more than 48 straight hours of work without sleep but I was sleeping. 

Before my eyes literally closed, I've been scrolling my phone endlessly which should never be tolerated, it's bad for your health to use the phone before sleep! Nevertheless, I feel my inspirational fuel is starting to drain again, I need a recharge. 

I thought of having a phone wallpaper and icon makeover. I had searched for kawaii wallpapers thru Pinterest and found varieties of Sailormoon wallpapers to die for. 

This one was not my initial choice, the first one I had tried to look for a quality size and pixels but to my demise, they were all blurry, this one though was being given in a crisp picture perfect to set as wallpaper.

Usagi in the picture is an illustration of me sleeping in my uniform even when I still attended school and I carried it thru work, happens to me when I'm dead tired or overly exhausted but please don't tolerate it, it's not good practice. Change to your PJs while you can.

When the wallpaper was set, I felt the boring icons are no longer able to match the cute sailor moon wallpaper I had set, ASUS offers free ZenUI icon set and I'm thankful for this month's updates.

I have to consider the UI's memory space that it will take even though I have quite huge space but I have to be careful since I use the phone for both work and cosplay, it immediately becomes memory full once I use it. 

I feel like I scored a jackpot to see this Lovely Pink UI Icons design even the wallpaper is so cute but I did not set it since I already have the chosen Usagi Wallpaper set in. 

Gladly it only takes 1.84 MB of my total storage of 24.7 GB, I still have 10.62 Free space for media and other files. Whew!

Scrolling thru the preview of the app, I immediately fell in love with the stitched pattern designs to every icon, I immediately downloaded it and Applied as Icon only

Here's a screenshot of the individual icons.

The quick memo is a winner finally a new look for the boring yellow memo in my phone for ages, Thank you ZenUI design!

My productivity apps couldn't get as cute as this! Now I'm so hyped to check all my To Do's again which I would always avoid every day. Haha.

These are my Google-based applications, no changes on the icons but the individualized stitch pattern laid on background gives it a different vibe and look.

Now, we had passed by CD-R King in Munoz branch and gladly they still do sell great stuff.

I tried this Miruso brand LCD Screen Cleaning Kit and I do not regret buying it. 

Instead, I was thankful it did a great job in cleaning the screen. 

FYI my Lenovo would have endless smudging because of my fingerprints but it is unavoidable since I would do all my work here. 

That day when I saw it sparkling clean again, I knew I'll smudge fingerprints later but it feels nice to have it nice and clean.

A few days ago, I updated my facebook cover of my UMARU school uniform preview. I missed watching new episodes and I was sad to find out about the last 3 chapters. That ended up quickly. By the way, I use my real hair for this cosplay since it turned blonde which I am not expecting. I'll post it why it went back to blonde soon but here's my Umaru cosplay preview.

I did share in my status facebook updates that the story revolved in a normal anime cliches which somehow got me down for a bit but I still love the anime. It is evident that Kyohei loves Umaru so much even though she can be such a nuisance, but these traits are what makes her lovable by her brother, Kyohei accepting Umaru's real self-demonstrated his love and patience which sometimes is no longer present in households. People think that she takes advantage of her brother but the truth is this about creating fun memories for both of them. 

Well, I'll surely miss this her and the whole cast since this anime had a similar segment in life, it somehow became the anime album of those moments which I cherished so lovingly.

To the creator of this manga. Thank you for creating this wonderful story, I never would have realized the greatest gift this anime has given to me, of course, those are reminiscing these memories of a lifetime, unique and exclusive to me and my loved ones.

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