My very first technology blogging event to attend in person finally came true and I am awestruck in how little time I have to prepare. I was only able to sort out those that I have in my closet to create a professional look worthy to be called as a Professional Technology Blogger.

My closet is a mayhem before the event and we finally came to the conclusion that I would be having my comfortable black slacks and gray long sleeves collared office attire. I know it isn't good enough to be called the professional executive look yet and there would be more improvements to come.

The invitation was sent out just two days prior to the event and the only information I have is that the launching of an app with the capability to monitor the speed of an internet for the Philippines.

Heading there, I decided to join the shuttle service to the Resort World but to my demise, I missed it. We then took an LRT and taxi and was quite disturbed with the barter boys attitude when riding a taxi service. Seriously, his services aren't even needed since there is already a taxi lane and we are lined up properly to get in. He demanded a tip which we willingly gave and demanded more tips to be given to the taxi driver and the ride hasn't even started!

When we arrived at Resorts World Manila, Christmas season is filling the air all around and I feel like a kid seeing Santa. I couldn't stop myself from taking pictures of the lobby and corridor, yet I do have to contain myself because I forgot that my outfit is professional but I ran like a kid circling around.

The event is located on the third floor and arriving we had signed up on the front receiving area and at that time, I was not immediately informed that I would be Meeting Ms. Sara, resulted, we missed greeting her, I hope this was not a misunderstanding, I apologized to her.

A few moments, the program started.

It is very important that we take part in data collection because the data collected will help telcos determine which location must have a better connection.

This is what we are all waiting for.

This is a partnership with Manila Bulletin and developers all over the country, they are crowdfunding for the app, if you want to support, here's the website.

I have made an instructional video of how to download the app.
Watch below.


Press Release

Pasay City, Philippines, 9 November 2017 - A revolutionary application that will help users measure the speed of internet connection of smartphones was launched today.

BASS PH or Project Bass, which means "Bandwidth and Signal Statistics", is an accurate and credible independent internet measurement provider. Its mobile app will provide internet users the ability to measure internet bandwidth and other statistics. The launch of BASS PH is deemed vital amid the clamor to further improve the status of internet connection in the country.

At this time where the Philippines lags behind other countries even in Southeast Asia in terms of quality of internet speed, the app offers far-reaching benefits for a variety of users. For subscribers and customers, they can use a virtual map to help them see which telecommunications provider has the fastest internet connection where they live or work.

Telecommunications companies benefit from the collected data since they can now make data-driven decisions as to expansion areas to target. They can also reallocate resources such as bandwidth and frequency to areas that need it most

For phone manufacturers, they can also access information as regards the performance of their phone units during actual usage and compare these with competitors. This can result in the manufacture of more efficient and better-performing phones in the future.

As for companies with businesses in the digital world, the BASS PH map can help them identify specific target areas with high internet activity and concentrate their digital product offerings there. Finally, BASS PH can help the government guard and protect the public against any possible fraud using BASS PH's free, supplemental, third-party data.

More importantly, BASS PH is absolutely free to download, and the generated data will likewise be free to the public and other interested users. This makes the data even more valuable since it was generated by an app developed by an independent, third-party organization. Heavy users of data like the telco companies will benefit tremendously from this since they do not have to pay for the data, unlike those that come from companies like Akamai, Open Signal, and Ookla, where access to data and other internet measurements and statistics are paid via subscription. And no worries because BASS PH is easy to use. Just go to Google Play or App Store and download. You can begin the test by opening the app and press "Begin Test" to measure your connection speed. Then by viewing the map, users will be able to see the test results of BASS users in a particular area. BASS PH is available for both Android and IOS users and is easy to store on any smartphone. All it needs is around 30 MB of storage landscape and will consume minimal time and data for every test.

"With BASS PH, we help empower smartphone users in the Philippines by giving them the tool to measure and log internet speeds. We hope this, in turn, will ensure that network provider in the country will efficiently and consistently deliver their advertised internet speeds and thus will pave the way to better internet service nationwide," explains Wilson Chua of Bass PH.

Bass PH also called for a stronger cooperation and collaboration between the government and the telco companies, where they can join hands to achieve the ultimate goal: improve the state of internet in the Philippines. He/she also expressed the willingness of BASS PH to help support other government-initiated efforts and investments that will help achieve the goal of providing Filipinos with better internet.

For more information about bass visit:
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