Infertility is a problem that is faced by millions of couples every day, and there are various fertility experts and doctors out there claiming to have a solution to this problem. For most people, fertility ends with treatments, but for some, more homeopathic remedies are sought.
Women feel confused, scared, and lost when they have issues trying to get pregnant. Although there is a lot fertility drugs at the drug store and all kinds of treatments, you are probably looking at how to increase fertility naturally.
Below are some ways that can be used to increase your fertility rate.
Start eating for two
Before a woman can start nourishing a growing baby, she needs to nourish herself first. Having a nutritious and healthy lifestyle is good for conception and pregnancy. In order to increase your fertility, you should choose diets rich in whole grains, colorful fruits, and vegetables every day. Also, skinny fats diets (especially those rich in omega-3 fatty acids) are great because the nutrients are components in all cell membranes. Eating salmon or eggs fortified with DHA (a fatty acid found in fish oil that’s an important component in brain tissue) once or twice a week is the best way to get omega-3s. It is also recommended by health experts to consume at least a meal of full-fat dairy products daily and avoid trans-fat - that is trying to extract protein instead from animal sources.
Have the right weight
When a woman is significantly overweight or underweight, it can affect her fertility rate. Women who are classified underweight have a body mass index (BMI) lesser than 19 Kg/M2 are said to take four times as long to get pregnant as women in the normal range (19 to 24 Kg/M2). It is also assumed that overweight women may have issues with insulin, which means that their menstrual cycles are disrupted by too much insulin circulating in the body. The production of estrogen from fat cells can negatively affect the ovaries and prevent the eggs from being released each month. If you are underweight, you can jumpstart your menstruation and ovulation by gaining as little as five pounds. If you’re overweight, you can also jumpstart your menstruation and ovulation when you lose about five to ten percent of your current body weight. Health experts advise women, not to go on diet fads, rather, they should exercise healthy eating habits that will increase your chance of conception and last you through your pregnancy.
When you want to increase your fertility rate, you should start taking a prenatal supplement or a daily multivitamin containing folic acid.The neural tubes of the embryo will be developed before a woman realizes that she is pregnant or during the earliest weeks of pregnancy. Using a supplement or prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid will reduce the chance of defects.
Avoid regular intake of caffeine and alcohol
Fertility experts outline the effects of alcohol and caffeine on fertility as one of the issues that affect couples ability to conceive. Most experts agreed that limiting the intake of caffeine to less than 200 milligrams a day (the amount contained in one to two eight-ounce cups of coffee) won’t affect your fertility rate.
However, it is widely known that a woman is expected to give alcohol up when she is pregnant. The consumption of alcohol in excess has been linked with lack of ovulation (anovulation), lack of periods (amenorrhea), and other issues with the endometrial lining. Alcohol also alters the levels of estrogen and progesterone. Your fertility rate is not likely to be affected by an occasional intake of alcohol, but most experts advise that it is safer to forego alcohol when trying to conceive.
Avoid stress
Avoiding and learning to manage stress is a great way for you to improve your fertility rate. It is assumed that stress increase the level of stress hormone (cortisol) in the body, which can shut down the reproductive system temporarily. Your relationship with your partner can also be affected by stress, make intimacy more difficult. In order to avoid anxiety and tension, you should try yoga or meditation. You can also hire the services of a professional to control stress.
Avoid lubricants
It is also assumed that commercial lubricants may be toxic to the sperm and will interfere with its passage to the uterus. You should avoid using lubricants when trying to get pregnant, unless you are using fertility-friendly lubricants. Also, if you can’t have sex without using lubricants, you should use coconut oil or saliva.
Monitor thyroid function
Having a healthy thyroid function is essential to fertility. Women who are hyperthyroid or hypothyroid do have hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, and increased miscarriages. A simple and natural way to check your thyroid is to take your basal morning temperature. Also, you should avoid foods that are not good for thyroid and fertility such as soy, and eat sufficient healthy carbohydrate such as root vegetables and soaked/sprouted grains, which will help the thyroid function well.
Mayan abdominal massage
This massage technique is simple and non-invasive that can positively affect the reproductive organs of a woman. A woman with symptoms of a tipped or prolapsed uterus may have fertility issues and having this massage will help in easing this issue. The Mayan abdominal massage also provides energy, increase blood flow, and provides more nutrients to the uterus which might be stagnant and resistant to implantation.
Exercise has a lot of benefits to our bodies, which includes increasing the fertility rate of couples. Regularly exercising the body to keep it in a better shape will reduce the overall fat in the body which is mostly related to infertility and hormonal issues.You do not need to go through a hardcore exercise routine, rather a daily walk or any other light exercise will do the trick. Exercise can also help with emotional balance and help to reduce stress levels.Your emotional balance can be shaped,vand stress can be reduced with exercise. Ensure that you make it part of your daily routine to exercise your body.

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