I am in utter dismay, I know there has been a long hangover from the movie Your name by Makoto Shinkai and Hotarubi no Mori e by Yuki Midorikawa , made people crave and ask for more, as a result, high expectations were given to Koe no Katachi of Naoko Yamada , it was such a big disappointment it made me want to forget the name of the anime movie.

It's such a shame especially because it was highly recommended by a colleague of mine and my hopes were up for the movie, it had such a tremendous sadness to the point where I can no longer grasp any inspiration or basis of the story, adding to the loose plots with poor character development, and unfulfilling ending.

This is my personal view, It may be different to others, but this is how I perceived it.

This had made it eager to look for a new awesome anime movie deserving a spotlight, Shelter by Porter Robinson & Madeon. I would love to see the whole story in a movie. Didn't the music video leave you hanging on the edge of the cliff?

It left me wondering in a black hole engulfing every minute of my thoughts to see what really happened in the big picture.

A shout out at twitter would not be enough so I am sending messages to my hackers to help fulfill my wish, but I fear it's not enough, so I am writing in this blog post to send a direct message to

"Please make a full movie of the music video Shelter"

 [Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Official Video) (Short Film with A-1 Pictures & Crunchyroll)].

I beg of you. Please do. Ease my longingness and thirst.

Please hear my plead. Make the movie.

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