For our third day, we were invited to cover Casa Eros Muebles at Rizal, Casa Eros Muebles is a furniture making and services company by Mr. Alex Morales Abergas, he invited us, bloggers to his showroom which is his very own house for a good coverage. It took us around an hour to get to the venue after waiting for other bloggers at Gateway, the ride was supposedly short but due to ASEAN summit, even the alternate routes we take took us more than an hour.
Casa Eros Muebles
Upon entry to the park garage, the seats are lined for dining and a flat screen ready for the presentation

Casa Eros Muebles Victorian
Entrance to the main door one of the highlights featuring an intricate console table designed with huge golden Mirror, table is featuring gold buddha figurines and bouquet of roses and leaves.

The house is located deep in a subdivision and when I went down from the van, I was astonished by the Christmas decors outside his home. He had great bright Christmas lights and Santa in front of his main door, Tables and Chairs are lined up in his parking way. Upon entering, the aroma of lavender struck me and a golden home had blinded me for a second.  My first thought was I am in an alternate dimension from our home. Yes, it looked like our home but brighter and more golden, the Victorian Chairs, fancy lights and the decor is a light version of my home. At home we actually do have dark wood french chairs, it's mom personal taste.

Seating in a gorgeous french cabriole sofa poses are effortless and a must have for your living area if you want the parisian flair style.

How I wish the press release was given earlier as I got dizzy from the travels, my system could not digest all the information in the Press release, but I could never forget to do my job and get the picture perfect selfies and played with the camera, photographers were delighted to get pictures of us and the staff of Casa Eros Muebles is incredibly kind and courteous. I felt incredibly welcome.

When I visited the bathroom, it was a moment of OMG hashtag I think I'm in another country! They have boosted a refreshing vanilla scent with full airconditioning!
Plants beside and over the toilet tank helps filter the air and an angel sculpture and pine cones add sense of holiday feeling to the bathroom. 

We were toured in his bedroom and other rooms that express a touch of modernity and Victorian. He said that he has made different projects other than Victorian which I would definitely love to see!

Christmas tree in casa eros muebles
Before heading to the tour, a dazzling Christmas tree stands below the stair way in welcome of the holiday season.

Grecian Lady carrying a vase stops you before heading up stairs to gaze at her stunning white shiny beautiful figure. Adjacent are angels with a magnificent lampshade for dramatic lighting feel in the room.

Stairs heading to second floor rooms are wooden polished denoting warmness of home leading upstairs
bed room casa eros muebles
The white fur and header create a sophisticated feel to the golden arches, the pillows are soft as feather inviting the tired and weary modern princess to take a snooze.

Beside the bed is a welcoming table used as a workspace.

Casa eros muebles workspace showroom
A pose for the working modern princess

Casa eros muebles workspace showroom
The desk serves dual purpose of workspace and vanity, who doesn't need that?
Evidence of a Catholic devotee, Mr. Alex arranged the altar rendering style present through a golden glass table and chairs.

After the briefing and tour by Mr. Alex, they invited us to dinner, it was then they disclosed, the same day is Mr. Alex's birthday! Had I known I would have brought a gift! but instead, he had given us gifts, he offered wine which I couldn't contain myself to sip! We made a good toast for him!

Upon reading his biography, I was struck as to how great of a self-starter he was, he had been through a lot, yet he continued with his passion and I can definitely relate!
Casa eros muebles dining table
Yes, it's just one sip, right?

His projects can turn dull gloomy furniture into an astonishing piece of art we can all boasts internationally! His techniques refer to antique restoration which we all love to see the before and after, right?

Casa Eros Muebles
A creative use of space under the stairs, Mr. Alex placed a square two leveled wood shelving housing small animals and Parisian tower for details. 

Which reminded me if I could have his services for our Victorian sala refurbishing, I also wonder if he accepts Lolita Photoshoots in his home? I was too shy to ask.
Casa Eros Muebles
On a small corner the stairs, A nativity diorama scene is placed on a rounded wooden table

Referring this blog post to him can get you a 10% discount if you're interested to have interiors fit for a queen and king!

Casa Eros Muebles Greek plates
A lone standing pillar adorned with greek plates representing ancient lives

Athena and Odysseus
Athena and Odysseus painted on ceramic plate
Casa Eros Muebles
A designated division for the kitchen and the living room was given life with an overhead wood shelving showcasing porcelain horse, southeast asian cabinet and ceramic scent burner, below is a metal cage and poinsettia giving off Christmas feel to the room. 

I did feel like a princess when I stepped inside but I certainly came out having the feeling like I became a queen just by staying for an hour or two!

I got extra shy to approach him but I never did fail to say my Happy Birthday and Thank you for the great evening that we had, he even asked us if we were together with the other bloggers but my shyness resurfaced and I wasn't able to tell him that we are separate individual bloggers from the ones he had questioned.

For more information, below are the company profile.

Casa Eros Muebles provides custom-made Designer Furniture sets for homes, condominiums, resorts, spa, hotels and restaurants, office furniture and parlors. The designer is well recognized in the following furniture styles: Victorian, Italian, Middle Eastern, French, European and Asian. Our team comprises of interior designers/woodcraft makers/artists /upholsterers/painters and landscapers. We have a team of contractors as service providers for interior design projects. Our team offers interior design ideas or concepts when purchasing a furniture line to ensure that the over-all home designs are aligned and achieved with the chosen furniture style. In other words, before we actually offer the furniture line, we will provide a complete analysis and recommendation which furniture styles are suitable for your home or business. We offer quality furniture for both sophisticated and affordable markets.

Designer Eros has a very keen eye for the arts and pieces that are quite unique and extraordinary. The styles are personalized in designs depending on the client’s personality and preference. This will provide assurance that each furniture set is unique and may not be available in the commercial market. Our objective in designing is to provide a state of the art furniture suitable for the client's personality, preference or business. Most of the materials used are imported except for the wood which is locally produced from the Philippines such as Gmilina, Mahogany, Molave and Narra (but very limited due to its availability except for existing narra antiques). The artistry from wood carving and upholstery dates more than a century of experience which has been passed on from a different generation. The decorative pieces and fabrics for the Victorian/Middle Eastern/French Provincial antiques/Italian and Almotlaq furniture were ordered or purchased from Europe/USA/ China/Middle East and Southeast Asia. We also combine modern with Victorian designs for clients who wanted both the elegance of old and described as Modern Antiques and may also be classified as eclectic designs.

Since we provide custom-made furniture, the lead time for one set is between 30 to 45 days. Especially for wood carved designs such as Victorian/Middle Eastern/European because these furniture sets require skilled labor and artistry that will undergo the stages of furniture making. For modern furniture, ( or purely upholstered sets) the lead time is usually between 7 days to 20 days.

Press release

When it comes to choosing your furniture piece, it would more or less reflect your personality, your individuality, your uniqueness.

More than just a furniture, Casa Eros Muebles is your lifestyle.

The difference with Casa Eros Muebles is that the company offers interior design ideas or concept before offering which furniture to get.

They will provide you with analysis and recommendation as to appropriate style for your home or business. The company is owned and managed by well-known business entrepreneur Alex Morales Abergas. Alex is also a Design Consultant for various hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and bakeshops in the Philippines.

He started his professional career as an Assistant Manager of a multi-billion fast food chain, rose from the ranks to become Assistant Store Manager, and recipient of several awards from this company.

He also became Regional and Training Manager of a bakery chain in the country then later as General Manager and Vice President of a prestigious multinational company.

The designs of Casa Eros Muebles range from Victorian, Italian, Middle Eastern, French, European and Asian.

The team is comprised of highly-skilled interior designers, woodcraft makers, artists, upholsterers, painters, and landscapers.

Apart from custom-made furniture of which Casa Eros Muebles is known for, other services include interior design works, garden and swimming pool landscaping, curtain or drapery with Valance Boards and furniture re-upholstery works.

Casa Eros Muebles is located at Cainta, Rizal, with contact numbers (+63) 2134088, (+63) 9272523341, (+63) 9331775460. Visit their webpage at or like them on facebook


I was an employee, an Assistant Manager from a multi-billion Fastfood Restaurant chain at the age of 20, rose from the ranks to become an Asst. Store Manager, a recipient of several awards from this company, then to a Regional and Training  Manager of a nationwide bakery chain in the country, became General Manager, and Vice President of a prestigious multinational company after 25 yrs. Being both creative and analytical, I also tried to become a band singer abroad in between my career.

It was during my work as  Regional Manager of a large bakery chain in the Phils when I decided to study further on baking, but this time on cakes and pastries. I experimented my own wheat pizza an cake lines which got featured on national tv “Chef Eros Pizza/pasta, bread and cakes, this ran for more or less than 5 years with 4 to 5 branches …Knowing the difficulty of maintaining the overhead expenditures including rent and perishable inventories, I gave up and closed the shop in the mall. I was hired again by this international bakeshop company to work in a corporate environment. But knowing my quench for business, I left the company and partnered with some contractors who do construction business and interior design. As a child, I was always the most industrious child, cleaning our house and changing drapery, playing with small furniture and designing my own miniature home at the age of 8 or 9.
The obstacle I faced was during my high school days when my parents start selling our properties due to bankruptcy. I forced myself to ride the jeepney going to school and college until I graduated with a degree in HOTEL AND RESTAURANT MGT. I WAS AN “A” STUDENT IN COLLEGE.

There were also instances in my career when I lost jobs in between and had to rent small rooms, apartments, and houses since we lost almost all my parent’s properties. But still, I don’t feel satisfied because I feel indifferent and could not play politics in the corporate world. I always knew deep inside that I am best suited for business. I wanted to create my own world for success and prove myself that success can be achieved when you have focus, determination, and vision. And that being an employee will never get you anywhere after 60 yrs old.

I learned from the contractors/builders how easy it was for me to design houses, considering that I've been renting almost all of my life. I was transferring my few types of furniture every now and then where my job suits me I relocate since I don’t have a house on my own. When you have that particular skill that you love doing, that burning passion to build and design a beautiful environment both in and out whether u are renting or good you own a place.  Now, I even set aside a capital just for Christmas where I change themes each year. Encouraging my friends and followers in social media to cleanse, clean their houses to attract the positive energy and welcome the joyous Christmas spirit. I ALWAYS HAVE THAT BASIC PRINCIPLE IN LIFE THAT … when you have a clean home.. you will always attract the positive energy of happiness, of love, of peace and serenity.
In the business of interior design, you must have that special “eye” for color,  specific materials, and beauty, simplicity, or even a grandiose set up while depending these characteristics with your client’s personality. I interview clients of their own styles at first and then I incorporate my own styles as well.

I got exposed to the furniture business when I learned how to do upholstery and what materials are being used to ensure that quality will last and can be inherited by your next of kin. Since some clients also look for new furniture aside from asking me to do interior design. Then fix their garden landscape and so on and so forth.
It was a few years ago when I designed my own furniture line, bought sewing machines, etc..I really wanted a Victorian-inspired design because I am very fond of gold, brown and white as my focal dominant colors. I started buying chandeliers, antique lampshades, etc…  the rest is history. In other words, I became very fond of extravagant displays and furniture and large space homes where everyone can feel like a “King” or “Prince” inside your own small or big castle. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or big space, it is how you design that makes your ambience spectacular and YOU CAN ATTAIN THAT FABULOUS ambience by using choice furniture, by knowing how to arrange them in order to achieve  a remarkable homey, relaxing and inviting place, by  “grouping”  furniture and displays in one area.

I started investing in antique furniture and redesigning them. Changing and experimenting with colors and fabrics. I also look for unique buttons and fabrics to set my own designer appeal where I'm sure there is no one like this in the market. I also went to different furniture shops both local and abroad and check the intricate details and quality.
From my humble beginnings working from the restaurants, as Pastry Chef, now a Furniture Designer and Interior Designer…. I found my heart in designing, practicing my creativity and artwork. I want to share my artistry and uniqueness as my sense of pride, happiness, and fulfillment. God is a fair God because He will let you decide on your own little way on how you can express yourself:”The gift of art, culture, and design”. I also incorporate what I learned from experience and study.The 60-30-10 %  RULE OF INTERIOR DESIGN. In my own words, my 3 tone color rule. At Casa Eros Muebles,  we design, we decorate, we restore, we customize, we individualize and we make people and families happy in their own tranquil home.” Because when you have a beautiful home, you would rather stay home and seize the moment.    

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