When I got accepted to join in a meeting for a odd-job, we 're given instructions to meet-up at Burger King Welcome Rotonda. It was for an orientation and instructions on what we're going to do. I chose Robinsons Magnolia because it was nearer than the rest of the options.

We were picked up in a van, wer're unaware that we will be heading to their nearby office. At the Office, I was introduced to a product I would be promoting, Cospray.

The first question " Do you know what this is?" I was asked. "yes" I replied. Then Mr. Voltaire, was curious why I knew the product and I told him that his company sent it to me to review, as a blogger.

They were kinda confused and asked if I really am a cosplayer too.

Anyways, A short intro and info were given on how to sell the product with highlights to its benefits.

The day of 16th December, We proceeded to Robinsons Magnolia which the manager there had no clue we were sent in.
She demanded an email from the company first.

Stencil I made for hair pattern sample definitely caught people's attention and closed the deal.

That's how I got transferred to Trinoma, I met Ms. Shiela who courteously greeted us to join her to sell. We had a great time together promoting the product.

Surprisingly, many people got curious about what we are selling and bought their pairs.

I chuckled at a boy who told me he's got all the colors, gotta catch them all I see.

As the time starts to end, we closed the shop and went home.

No, not really, it took us 2 hours to go home because there was an endless line to the transportation and I could not even find a seat anywhere because it seems as if all people visited the mall in holidays so it felt like I had extended shift. Yup, my legs felt like their going to be cut off from my torso.

Nevertheless, everything was wonderful I even saw 2 celebrities rushing to get somewhere.


So wait for my cospray blog, I'll be creating looks for this spray, yey!

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