It's finally December! The most awaited month of magical wishes and wonder. I have been planning since October my steps in creating a Christmas feel to the room with zero budget.

I realized that may have overload of Christmas decorations so I didn't want to make it too overdecorated, this year I'm striving to create a Christmas feel from within.

My first step was to 
1. Dress up my Phone
My phone is the most used technology at home, I use it 99% of the time so changing to a merry feel would be my primary easy step in creating the holiday vibe.
I opted for a White and blue wallpaper with calendar dressed in Sanrio limited edition theme. In that way, I won't cloud up the look of the icons and I get to count upcoming christmas in a holiday feel.

I didnt download launcher applications since I dont want further workload to the system since I need the performance fast and swift, I took consideration that I didnt want battery drain with launchers.

  2. Snowing effect at blog and music 

My blog is my life, I want my readers to feel the holidays when they visit it so, from picture postings to snowing effect as well as the christmas music is applied for a minimal clean look or feel without sacrificing holiday vibe.

3. Hot choco corner
My pair always gets the feel of holidays thru the stomach and to satisfy the sweet tooth holiday cravings, I'm building up a section of a hot choco corner in a empty spot of the room. 

I brought out the Christmas mugs and chocolates, then later on we'll have a jar of milk and Milo with marsmallows for toppings.
P.S since were in a tropical country, we also have iced choco as option on our fridge.

4. Read Manga with Christmas theme

At the stroke of December, my Christmas manga collection are ready, so far. I'm starting on Christmas romance genre but sooner or later I'll be reading more on genres with holiday vibe.

5. Change beddings and window curtains.

This time we went to buy white curtains but elaborate beddings for a good change. It's the ultimate umaru-ing practice to get the Holidays feel on my favorite hangout which is the bed and by overlooking window.

Can you help me with getting more holiday feel on zero budget? 
These are just my starters but I am very open for more ideas.

All comments are greatly appreciated~!

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