Holidays are just around the corner and the scent of vacation is on air! Yes, the long-awaited vacation comes, finally. Usually, you'll probably be scrolling down searching for places to travel, visit or packing up to take a trip to your family across borders, for people who are most fond of anime, vacation starts in quite a different realm than what you imagine. I can describe the feeling as most colorful than Christmas when you're finally given the chance to do "Moe" stuffs freely on your time.

Just to give a bit of information what a Moe is, which I consider myself one, according to Wikipedia Moe is a slang loanword that refers to feelings of strong affection mainly towards characters in anime, manga or video games.

Often times, confused with being "Otaku" but I consider myself "Moe" instead of "Otaku" due mainly because I am on margin of average "love" for anime, manga or Vocaloid and games, usually "Otakus" have wider knowledge to expertise level of these and I am only a big fan of those.

On to the main topic, how do we, Moe's spend most of our time, when given the chance to. Let me give you a bit of overview of a life of a moe girl.

1. Watching Anime Series with our heart's desire yet we take breaks/rest when needed.

Once we get indulged in watching anime series, there is a big tendency that we get engrossed to a good anime, but we "Moe" also take care of our health and have the control when we must "pause and continue". Anime Series which Moe's watch depends on a person's taste and when we are usually on a conversation with our favorite series, we never fail to share and reminisce all the great points of the shows. Although Moe's tend not to know every character or story, we always get the substantial parts of the tale.

2. Gaming in Moderation

Synonymous with watching anime our health watch would be a priority for Moe and when choosing the type of past time, we choose the ones that would immediately steal our hearts away. Time is essential to Moes as we still have more pending animes or manga waiting for attention. Some Moes are into games that can both be amusing, colorful and can help them earn a few bucks.

3. Talent: Draw Anime

If that could be in every resume even to those not in relevance, Moe's would definitely be proud to indicate that they have this talent symbolizing their love for their favorite anime/manga/games. Moe's may not be as great manga artists like Yuu Watase or Naoko Takeuchi but when they put their heart into it, they'll be an online sensation for their works.


4.Anime/ Game/Manga Conventions are a treasure finding spots

Collectibles, foreign famous cosplay personalities, friends and winning a competition are some of the treasures which Moes love to see and experience in events or conventions when Moe's have a reason to go to a convention, there is always a reason behind why. Moes can go travel as far a good convention is held on a certain place within their reach.

5. Cosplaying is a fun way to showcase our favorites

When Moe's take courage to hold a needle and thread, they are happy to show people their love for a certain anime/manga/game/Vocaloid. Sometimes, Moe's tend to be shy but when they are in costume, they would pour all their efforts to get in character. Moe sometimes joins groups for fun and excitement that anime/manga/games/Vocaloid characters get all together and get a real life interaction with other characters.
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