Hello, fashionistas! We're here at Makati once more for another press release for SBR Expo & SBR awards night.

As usual, the invitation was sent in a rush as we did not expect to join in because we thought we'd pick up some tokens from December's Bazaar Press Release.

but as Ms. Cherry invited us to become media partners we thought it'd be a great opportunity to find out about the event.

On this post, though we're not here to talk about the event we're here to present to you the OOTD during the Media Launch. The post for the Media Launch is in progress and will be posted once done.

So without further ado, let's head on

The sun was shiny and there wasn't any forecast of impending rain in the area so I grab in a pair of International Klein blue sleeveless piece with necklace attached. Yes, the necklace is part of the outfit's accessory so you don't need to find an accessory to pair it with. This is all thanks to my mom who gifted it a long time ago and she probably wouldn't remember it (shh don't say it, let her guess who it came from).

I paired it with same International Klein blue colored shorts and secured my bottoms from those peeping toms ready to get inside the Jeepneys or buses.

If you remember my facebook post of sunglasses I bought at Divisoria, this is one of the Stylish cat glasses I wore on the same date.
The dress comes with a tie and provides a flexible adjustment for your body size.

I finally was able to wear sleeveless this time as I just had my HeySugar session yesterday before this launch. Hihihi
Bag is a gift of God like the sign says from Jeepney. Every part of my outfit was given by my loved ones and not a single dime spent, the sunglasses we're bought by bf.

We have some brown leather school shoes (almost flat) because we're walking long distances and for a mature hair style a low professional updo.

So there we are, I was glad I wore it because it was definitely light as a feather and airy for long walks. 

Till next time again and watch out for the press release of SwimBikeRun
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