Oh finally, I get to review one of our locally made skin care set and I am dying to share to you all how great and mighty these little babies are. What an irony! Haha.

But seriously, when I got these babies last December I had so many breakout issues because of my diet, everything I eat was oily and I couldn't even monitor my intake since we join Christmas parties and hell breaks loose with all diet plans.

didn't wonder why I get breakouts because my food intake greatly impacts my skin condition.

So when I started these babies and noticed the changes after a week I continued to use and review them. See what happened on my use for the products:

Products for review:

1. President Pretty Soap
2. Charming Campaign Day Gel
3. Cabinet Allure Night Cream
4. Beauty Queen Party Ultimate Day Toner
5. Gorgeous Allegation Ultimate Night Toner

Price: P1,299 per set

President Pretty Soap

This soap is incredibly moisturizing which is perfect for my dry skin and leaves soft skin after lather. When I use the soap I usually cut a small piece, it's easier to use that way and prevents the soap from melting. Since it's very soft I can also tell that I would need to store it in a dry container.

Charming Campaign Day Gel 

Applying the Gel before makeup provides a smooth surface for makeup. When used alone, it can be very moisturizing for a bare face giving a faint Koreana skin texture.

Cabinet Allure Night Cream

By the time I had washed my face and took all my makeup, my skin gets dry and this helps to return moisture.

Beauty Queen Party Ultimate Day Toner

I felt a little tingle on the sensation to my pimple scars and developing pimples when I applied this Gel. A few days after they all dried up which made me really happy.

Gorgeous Allegation Ultimate Night Toner

I never tried a separate toner at night before and this was my perfect chance to do so, the effect on my skin is very tightening and also helped with acne issues as it slowly fades.


Skin breakouts are evident drying on skin and uneven tone.


Good even skin tone and no breakouts

Thank you The Skin Bureau!

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