When I first started ReshaDollyPrincess, it was a continuation of a blog from a former blogging website that had closed up, it became a blank slate to start expressing my thoughts and adventures for passion-driven individuals like me.

I shared mostly anything under the sun, my favorite was keeping a good journal of my self-photography.

My childhood dreams finally became true when I was able to finally make costumes of my own and cosplay my favorite anime characters. I was such a reserved person at that time that I could only take photographs in our own house.

As years pass by, I meet with people from all around the world and they were interested to get promotions for their event or products with my name, the first time my blog went to .com was the first landmark of this blog to turn into a business.

I never really thought it would be a business since I only started with my usual fun journal, but when opportunity strikes, I never missed the chance to grab it and because of that ReshaDollyPrincess wouldn't be the same as it was until today.

For years, I would do a lot of collaborations with different brands and companies but never did I thought of advertising them on my own page for easier accessibility. I regret that big time, but now I'm happy that I was able to do it. I was able to find a good reference for a Collaboration page where all brands or partnerships can easily fill in their forms for my selected collaboration requests.

I placed links on the navigation menu and also on a drop down at Collaboration tab. The links navigate thru my Collaborations page where you will be able to read my Collaboration selections and fill up a form to get all the details done.

Choose your own form of Payment and budget

I indicated a box to type your budget range so you can input your own. My Brand Ambassadress collaboration is per negotiation, same as other options. I accept forms of payment including monetary, gift items, experience, training and so on.

  • Sponsored Blog Post
  • Product Review
  • Sponsored Social Post
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Guest blogging
  • Professional Cosplayer

You may select among those on the form and leave a few details of what would be your target goals going to be.

I also added a Disclosure on my right side panel to navigate to collaborations tab. It's my mini privacy policy for the page. 

Even though the page was just published, I already had worked with many brands before. I would be welcoming to partner up with you if there'd be any product or event that you'd want to promote. 

As you may see, my strengths lie on my favorite anime, cosplay, fashion or events promotion. I even do accept going thru training, if you're offering services.

Target Audience

This is a great way to get a good organic exposure for your brand. I'm in a good circle of companionships with audiences from the healthcare industry, arts & animation industry, cosplay industry, international friends with CEOs, Audience with page Admins on Facebook and many more. Even one of this circle contains more than 50k viewers and visitors. 

Reach out

We only need a good chat and a cup of good tea. Just a metaphor, but connecting thru my email is the best suitable for this option. Although, I'm welcome to answer your questions on Facebook Messenger too.

Feel free to reach out to me and I'll reply back to you. 

Use this link to navigate thru my collaborations page and let's partner up!
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