Today I'll be telling you the story of reshadaseamaiden. That name was my long-time email, since high school time around 2004. It was going to be the name of my website but I chose a different name of ReshaDollyPrincess. So I thought that my dreams could never come true, a message of invitation by Ms. Leomy surprised me, she asked if I wanted to attend a free mermaid course with Ms. Amarie. I agreed immediately when I received the message and was left completely stunned, I feel so excited that my dreams are coming for real one by one. It's all thanks to her.

The location was set in Cavite City Sangley base which I have never been to. The schedule was to go for 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. We got lost along the way when we asked some people which bus to take to get to Cavite City, we were pointed out a wrong bus, after several tries we ended up getting into a cute old fashion baby bus, I got very excited to try it because it was my first time.

Cute Baby Bus first time seeing in Cavite 
How excited I am to take a selfie in the baby bus

 Seats were arranged in a bus fashion but driver's seat looked so much like jeepney.

Ms. Amarie told us to wait at Mcdonalds Ronquillo. Where we met with Ms. Valerie, one of our co-mermaid bloggers. We got into the Sangley base easily thanks to Ms. Amarie.

When we arrived, we started at 1:00 pm. She oriented about the coverage of the mermaid class.
Payphone an ancient relic at Sangley Naval Base used during times when there were no mobile phones. 


One: How to Look like a mermaid
Two: How to swim like a mermaid
Three: How to pose like a mermaid

How to look like a mermaid

Ms. Amarie showed us her newest craft mermaid crown made out of shells and two crowns she shared for us.

For my own look, I went pearl hunting via mom's closet and she handed me precious white pearls. and shell earrings.

My hair was magically arranged by water. I'm not kidding. When we had the orientation and exercises earlier my hair dried up to curls and I'm also surprised as to how it looked beautiful, so my hairstylist would be water. Ms. Amarie pinned just the front side of my hair so my earrings would show. Thank you.

She then laid out her mermaid tails. She gave the kid size tail because it's the one that fits me best. I chuckled because even my clothes are from the kid's section. It was literally the perfect fit yet I needed more adjustments because it always looses off my feet while on water.

She had us done warm-up exercises and measured our breathing by using a timer. She also gave us a good hint how to get more air to stay breathless longer.

Inhale short and exhale longer.

Warm up stretching of muscles are a great way to start, but a little difficult for a computer chair potato like me, I felt a good stretch and better circulation when we're performing this, intensity would vary to each person to person.

Mermaid tails vary, you can see those that they sell online made out of polyester fabric, nylon, and handmade silicon. You may ask where to purchase those to Ms. Amarie or Ms. Gennie as they have great ideas where to find a perfect tail for you.

How to Swim like a mermaid

Swimming like a mermaid is all different to a usual swim taught to me at my Alma matter FEU. In here, both feet feel like it's been tied up together and you'll cooperate with the water to propel and create fluid movements.

It is important to wear socks for the flippers. It will protect your feet from scratch and help you propel better.

Ms. Amarie partnered up with me and taught me the basics of mermaid swim.

While Ms. Valerie was taught by Mermaid Gennie.

And going underwater, she tossed the coin, let it sink and I had to pick it up but in fluid graceful movements.

I had a hard time staying underwater because my cardio has been down for many years, plus my feet must kick together and not separately which is all brand new to my senses there are often times I had fear of drowning. It's a hidden fear I found out till later when we got to shallow waters of 8 feet deep, plus going down creates so much pressure in my lungs which I haven't developed since last competition.

How to pose like mermaid

Posing underwater is a fun way to create great memories of mermaiding experiences, but it's not very easy to do, you'll need to hold your breath much longer and make sure to get your best poses composed. 

Ms. Amarie taught me basic poses including a fly kiss underwater and forming the heart shape with hands which I did with fingers!


Anyway, I enjoyed everything and after that, we took some videos and photos in our tails.
Mermaid sushi

We finally were able to go home through a short ride with Ms. Valerie's car up to Mcdonald's Ronquillo and we rode a van proceeded to MOA, thankfully the ride was fast and we got home easily.
According to Ms. Amarie, classes normal span time is for 5 days 2 hours each day but she compresses them into the hours that we only have to get everything covered up.

I lost my voice

After the swim, I felt like the little mermaid in real life when I lost my voice due to tonsillitis and my muscle aches because I never do any regular exercise, but since I enjoyed every moment I had experienced, I recovered immediately to produce this blog. 

Ms. Amarie's question after the session struck me:

What was your take away from this course:

The question was very simple but for me, I have felt to appreciate such beauty of this art is and even though it was just a dream before it is real to me now.

Thank you to Ms. Leo and Ms. Amarie.

There is so much more to this art than the graceful movements of a beautiful maiden in the sea and I hope you can experience it too.

By the way, a great footage of my swim is shared in Ms. Amaries Merswim 101 page, you may want to check it out too.

Lesson Learned

the lesson I learned is to still practice the usual bubbling exercises underwater.  If you know the basics of swimming breathing exercises and don't push yourself too hard just enjoy the water and your tail. Mermaiding takes time and dedication.  I also learned that I am better without any goggles because it helps me express my emotions underwater. It's just my preference, this is dependent on you.

Contact Mermaid Amarie and Mermaid Gennie

Make your mermaid dreams come true just like mine!

I recommend for all to try and enroll in both Ms. Amarie and Ms. Gennie's tutorial they would teach you according to your pace and is definitely patient in teaching.

Contact Ms. Amarie at her page
And use my

Mermaid code: Merswim101MermaidTrixia

This gets you a mermaid freebie and 20% discount

Check out Mermaid Gennie's page at RedMermaidAdventure


Join in at Merswim Experience 101 which will be held at Camp Raya Adventure Resort on Mar 17 - Mar 18, 2018

JOIN MERMAIDS PH at facebook to get in touch with all Mermaids in the Philippines!

Here is a video of my mermaid experience, I still don't have an underwater camera so I just used my phone instead.

Check out Ms. Amarie's footage of me underwater on mermaid suit by the link.
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