It is crucial that you select a weaving technique that isn't by itself causing harm to your hair. If you would like hair to develop and become restored to some healthy condition, it's suggested you apply the stitched-in approach to weaving instead of the glue-in or clip-in methods. The sew-in method reduces pulling and tugging from the hair and damage from chemicals in connecting glues.
Prior to hair weaved, you can start considering having your natural hair extensions to some healthy condition. Getting a few herbal treatments and deep conditioning within the days prior to hair done is important. About two to three days prior to, hair weaved is good. Perform a herbal treatment about 6-8 days apart or once per week. Among herbal, treatments make use of a sulfate free, paraben free shampoo, along with a hydrating deep conditioner. Should you pre-poo, a couple of days before sewing inside your weave, you are able to substitute your herbal strategy to a pre-poo. After pre-pooing, make use of a sulfate and paraben shampoo, adopted with a deep hydrating or perhaps a moisturizing conditioner or perhaps a departing conditioner. At the time you're investing in you weave, make certain hair is fully moisturized.

Make use of a moisturizing lotion as well as oil to lubricate and moisturize remaining hair head. This helps alleviate a few of the dryness and brittleness that induce further breakage while putting on extensions. For those who have oily hair, it's suggested that you simply wash hair and extensions at least one time per week. For those who have very dry hair, you'll be able to go longer. Should you exercise or do other pursuits for example running or swimming, you might want to wash more often than once per week. Any time you wash, you should use a deep conditioner or moisturizing conditioner for your natural hair. Still moisturize your scalp following a wash as well as in between washes over the existence of the weave. It's not suggested putting on your weave past three several weeks, to prevent new growth from becoming twisted and knotted. Once extensions are removed, you will need to repeat all of the steps you required having your hair weaveready within the 2-3 days before you apply your weave.
If you're planning to complete another weave consecutive, it's suggested that you simply alter the style. For instance, should you have had a middle part you might like to consider carrying out a side part next time. This gives your 'leave- out' (section of natural hair, usually in-front that's overlooked to match hair extension) a rest and lower breakage from the omit. These easy steps will make sure the healthiness of your scalp and natural hair while putting on extensions. The healthier your natural locks are, the less breakage you'll have and also the more hair will grow.
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