My Favorite anime poster collection from early 2000 and up. 

Back then, the most favorite thing I do was to collect different pictures of my favorite anime series printed out on the white sheet of cardboard priced around P5.00 to P10.00 depending on the size.

They sell them outside our school and with just a limited budget of P20.00 a day, I would bring bento so as not to spend it on food and spend 30 minutes choosing between a wide selection of posters.

The sellers would sometimes get annoyed as to how long I stare at the posters and taking only a few that my money can afford.

Surprisingly, when my school budget went higher, this collection craze continued. I was gifted with more than posters by my friends like cassette tapes, CDs, figma and many more but I still look for posters to collect. 

I definitely have no explanation as to why I love them so much. The second collection was texts or a wallet size picture of anime and I had a chest full of it, unfortunately, due to flood they did not survive. 

I had all the posters up on a huge wall like a gallery and yeah someone would complain as to how weird and dizzy the pictures are in their eyes but I did not care. I am happy to channel my inner moe and see my favorites by the moment I open my eyes and close them. 

Later I had realized that I am taken in by the how artistic anime was made by their creators, the main reason why I always look for the rare ones only.

I was also bullied for liking anime, believing and sometimes making my own story versions of them. It was a tough childhood that I am still experiencing until now, people back then we're not acquainted with Anime and they feel that it's like cartoons. Now, most people have known about it yet they bully faithful fans for many reasons. It's an unending struggle that I imagine fighting until my hair turns to gray. 

Guess what, after years of struggle of Moe's like me, I see them become a unique individual compared to other people, their wide imagination made all the dream technologies, events came to life. Although I can imagine the struggle they have to overcome, whenever I see a dreamer my support is all out. I also see others support as well but they do so in a discreet manner which is great too.

The point is it's the ERA where dreams come true. 

Now's a perfect time. Not tomorrow. Not later. 

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