The beauty of working from home lets you be comfortable and extremely economical. Economical in the sense that you've invested in the gadgets and set-ups that you're going to use in the long run. I've read a lot of blogs of how dreamy it would be to work from home and spent an entire 2 years saving up to achieve my goal. 

I am not a stay at home mom but I do have my commitment to be my mom's guardian and a mother to 4 legged friends one of which has a temper to raise their quills most of the time. So when I got the chance to finally finish up all the requirements for working at home, it was definitely a lifelong achievement just like a Sims character achieving a long-term goal. I do have to worry of the constant flooding at home though, our location is not as strategic as others and little rain would mean knee deep soaking, plus a bonus of snakey visitors also making the house their temporary abode is never fine. 

Moving on to my comfy buddies, these are the usual things I keep near my desk when the timer starts. My cardigan would usually dangle at my computer chair for easy access when it gets too cold, this little buddy would keep me warm and I love the feeling of my hands hidden inside the sleeves. I found this in a small garage sale from where I usually have a quick dinner if I am too tired to cook and guess how much I even had it? $1.00. That's true and the moment I laid my eyes upon it I knew that I found my soulmate, the owner said that she couldn't take off a stain at the lower part of the cardigan, so I consulted our trusty handmaiden who can do the job and it's all brand new! It's like the same feeling of how Jun in Jun's Kitchen resurrected a Japanese kitchen knife and for sure had that person regret the amount he sold it to. The size is XL, it's 2 times bigger than my usual size which is small but that's what makes it so special right? For me, bigger cardigans feel more like a huge pillow enveloping your skin is a winner. Sometimes I just get careful not to fall asleep though because when it can get comfy that makes me sleepy.

I have with me an oversized mug of sweet chocolate either warm or cold is fine, but I cannot consume coffee because I would palpitate, so if you can consume coffee, you are one lucky human. Don't be fooled, the mug is really an oversized version than your usual mugs, I got this for also $1.00 at Quiapo and life has never been the same with this mug. Why? it's actually one of my secrets why I get the supple skin, I call it my hydration mug, for when I needed much hydration this one sure does the job. 

Besides the mug and the cardigan, I have my handy brush to keep my hair neat. My habit of combing my hair has become somewhat a way of bringing out creativity. I don't know it's like hair = creativity. No, really I wouldn't wonder why, because hair is a woman's crown, we all feel confident when our hair is beautiful, right?

Then my phone, to answer emails and messages from my clients. Sometimes, mistaken by others that I ignore the message but actually, I am at work and I do avoid being distracted by non-work related messages. I have a high tolerance for answering them but I get misunderstood even if I follow up later on. huh...

I wish facebook has a status update at messenger too... I could put: "At work in facebook" Status, which I feel won't be believable for others. If you are wondering what's on that white pouch it's actually my beauty makeup and skin care regimen. I keep them handy when I need to go to live camera, you still have to be presentable even though you are at home or even just be beautiful to boost confidence is also enough. Well, it saves me a lot of time because after work when I'm too tired to cook I just eat out and I don't need to use my time to put makeup because they've been applied. Did you also know that makeup is set well and blended up better after work?

There you go, this is the things that keep me comfy at home. How about yours, I'd love to hear how you make your self-comfy at home or at work. What do you think? can you share it?

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