When everything is too overwhelming and nothing seems to work all you have to do is to slow down a bit...

                                                                                                          You're probably into an adrenaline 

until now but take really slow deep breaths focusing on slow inhale and exhale, and just 

think of the happiest event of your life.                                                          

 This is your first step.

Now, you may have piled up those tasks or dilemmas

 but you won't be helpful enough until you pull yourself together.

For now, what you should do is to slow down a bit.

 Is it possible to take a vacation? Or maybe just a short walk?

 Or just stay at a park or beach side

where there are less people around and

you can have your own space.

With that space,
 try not to think about your problem 

 but focus on creating happy moments only, 

like stare at the sunset or feel fresh air, create a sand castle, take a swing.

 Why not grab in a pair of headset 

or if you are alone turn the 

sounds on with smooth favorite music that helps calm you...

Just remember.

You're not in a race. 

Everything is just an illusion

 to keep you distracted of what you really need to achieve. 

Some are merely just challenges.

Don't worry about it too much. It will all be okay.

When all has settled in try to reflect and ponder on for your next action plan.

Now, its time to prioritize what you should do first. Which has most importance?

What should you first do?

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