This summer everybody thought that our pool would be as crowded as hell, but they were wrong. The condo hasn't been more spacious than ever. I just dipped in the pool and it couldnt be lonelier, I called it lonely pool. If you are not with a companion you got all the pool to your own, most tenants or owners aren't much into dipping in, but it doesnt mean that the pool is not maintained. Each night and day, there are diligent maintenance to clean it and ive been seeing them do their job well.
So for those who are doubting to book because they thought its crowded. You've missed a lot.

The condominium swimming pool is best for dipping around morning, but you don't need to worry about the sun because the tall building keeps all the shade for you.

View of the pool from above. I could not get a better one since I dont want my phone to fall down.

Ateneo's new building is exquisite to see from above. A view from our unit, I was able to see the progress of that building and it was satisfying to see a sophisticated architecture. 

The view may not be on the pictures but I have noticed the Marikina river and rivers around are cleaner than ever. They project reflection of clean waters and not trash, I am so proud of what the citizens of the country has done and thank so much for all the efforts by our president.

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