Hello to all dollies and princes! I know you are all busy with your summer get-aways and travel goals. I'm here to share mine too, although don't expect too much. I only did simple things at home this weekend but I so wanted to show you all a simple yet fun things I did.

It all started early morning weekend, we scheduled a quick visit to our thrifty shops for gifts and unexpected things happened. We thought of visiting a new mall in town, well it opened for quite some time already but I was dying to check it out since it was on our way to the initial destination. It was Ayala Malls cloverleaf, located at the Balintawak cloverleaf intersection, the mall stood adjacent to the wet market and opposite the church and main road. This is not a sponsored post.
The time I visited, they were setting up this program and there weren't many people around, maybe it's because it's too early yet. We had the mall all to our own and strolled in to every shop I could find. It was very nice inside, really chilly airconditioning, perfect for hot summers to stay here and avoid the heat. The excalators are available in each ends and there are good security guards on their duties.

I found these mannequin line up at the shop and they have the perfect #ootd summer inspo I am loving! I was not able to get close up though since I got overly shy that we're the only customers visiting at that moment and all I do is get engrossed with their mannequins! Just look at those baby blue beauty and monochrome elegance, oh gosh! It's a a crush! They look just comfy to take around this summer and surely give you all the freedom for movement.

oh, and how can I forget? My #ootd is a plain white one-piece loli dress and just my favorite black doll shoes and leather hand bag put together and did I tell you these definitely turns some heads. They say the simplier it is, the better and I can relate. They may look monochromatic whites or blacks but they steal stares in elegance and simplicity. Did I mention how comfortable they were?

Alright, back to the story. After a quick stroll at Cloverleaf we then proceeded to the shop and bought the Mothers day slash Christmas slash Valentines slash Happy Birthday gifts for my Mom and relatives. It was so delayed because of some shipping reasons but I'm glad they still arrived. The package is circular so i had to consult the internet how to pack in irregular shaped gifts. I scored a matching gift wrap from National Bookstore and I know they're going to love the giftz.
This sunday though I was thrilled that our spice drenched barbeque is ready to be sizzled in drizzling hot fire and digged in for some barbeque sunday. Grill is incredible during the summer, I can't imagine a summer without it and as usual we use the traditional grilling tools that I find most effective in bringing out the flavor of my dishes.
While eating the barbeque, we heard a lot of summer cicadas and felt exactly how it is like in Anime summer episodes. Our house is blessed with nature in the middle of the metro and seeing rare types of animals, giants or migratory birds are not unusual. After all, the rest of the location are filled with buildings and they have our land as their last stand of home. Most of them have been here for years, although it sounds heavenly, we also get threats from wild snakes and giant brown recluse. Yet, we don't want to give up this Eden that most animals treat as paradise too.

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