There are certain requirements that owners of business have to obtain before they can file their tax returns or receive any of the benefits of their claims. One of the requirements is obtaining a tax id number, also known as an EIN or a federal tax id number. An EIN is not only for the purpose of submitting tax return but also for many other reasons such as:

- Hiring of employees,
- Having a retirement plan,
- Buying or inheriting an existing business to operate as a sole proprietor,
- Incorporating or forming a partnership or limited liability company,
- Declaring bankruptcy,
- Opening of company’s bank account for banking purposes.

A business operator needs to apply an EIN or the tax id number with the IRS or the Internal Revenue Service. The EIN number is used by IRS to identify businesses and all businesses are required by IRS to provide their EIN on all tax documents and forms. There are several ways to get an EIN if your business requires one. If your business is offering products or services that are taxed, or if you are required to collect sales taxes on your sales, then you will need an EIN. These days, many preferring providing an EIN than their Social Security number due to the rise in Social Security number thefts.

How to get a federal tax id? The application is easy and not complicated. The fastest way is to apply online through the IRS website using the EIN Assistant page. Once you have completed filling the short application form, your EIN will be create for you. You will received confirmation that your application is successful and you will receive your EIN, and you can immediately start to use the number.

The EIN application form will require you to fill in your business entity type. If you are unsure, you can visit, take the short survey to find out the entity type. Then you can fill in the application form. Make sure all the information provided is correct. Gov Doc Filing will then take over, filing the appropriate paperwork to expedite the EIN process, while you are free to carry out whatever is required for your business. If you are sending the EIN application form via fax or postal mail, you will need to fill out the IRS Form SS-4, and contact the appropriate office.

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