I could not contain my excitements, as more and more anime has released this July, no doubt that this month has the most number of releases, I'm overjoyed. Since my last stream on June, I have featured those that are to be released on July and I found my self looking forward to them.

Some that caught my attention are High Score girl and Asobi Asobase which certainly are most unique among the bunch of anime releases. Such uniqueness included when I saw each characters facial expressions and raindrops of humors in each episode.

When you are the type of person who appreciate high level of details and anime-ish characteristics, you may just past by these anime upon your "next anime to watch hunt" but I'm telling you, it's just a few episodes released on streaming sites yet has already made me want to watch more.

High score girl anime became the reflection of my childhood days where the dawn of PC gaming and slow decline of arcade games were happening. We certainly got the best of both worlds and the excitement of new technology to come plus nostalgia of arcade gaming hits the spot. It was a balanced fun childhood we had before and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. On these times, concept artists pushed through the limits of an unlimited open ideas and brought them to life, despite the young technology, you can already see the plans or the vision of the creators.

I certainly thought that the story would revolve around the two protagonists but they had brought it to a much wider perspective of remembering to look back from the past. The anime has a deep meaning that only most people on that time could remember. Whats great is that as the story progresses, it becomes interesting.

I sometimes see 6hp Black Princess and Oono Akira on the same art style, I haven't researched who made it yet but it's like her, with more episodes about her life. 
Asobi Asobase in the other hand caught my attention by the small clips on my facebook timeline, they are short but they made me chuckle, both anime's unique facial expression added to the humor and uniqueness to the Anime. It felt vain for one classmate to exhibit such revenge to the other annoying characters but I thought that they deserved it though~ haha. Anyway, their friendship became in good terms nonetheless, which is great because they have this chemistry of laughter that I'd like to look forward to.

With the other releases, there are more anime's that I found really interesting to spotlight on but I'll be leaving this here for now and will feature the others soon. :)
Next time then...

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