Heyaa~~  How are you all? Today I got recharged with Kawaii-ness all (cuteness) over. I was walking in this mall at BGC when I passed by a really cute bag store. Having immediately seen their designs, my feet stopped moving and hand automatically reached out for the small cute bag. From far away glance, it was a handmade bag made out of cloth, until I confirm it is.

I knew I never have to pass the opportunity to pick it up and buy again because these type of bags exactly fits my needs to a simple grocery shopping or short walks to lunch. There were different sizes, it's a good thing meaw suggested that I check the size by testing out with my phone. There were some that were too small and didn't fit but this one that I have fit perfectly with the best pocket features of back zipper and separate compartment inside, did I mention that it's so soft and cushy that when I had the idea to pick up my candy type perfume scent, holy shit it the whole world suddenly looked cute.

That triggered all the inspiration around, I wanted to pair it with a cute wallpaper and I stumbled with continuous kawaii apps I feel like I'll have diabetes with all the sweetness look all over.

I thought that my wallpaper needed to pair with the cuteness of the bag so I looked for a wallpaper, the apps I downloaded all have features of raffle type chances to get either a wallpaper or the sticker above. That is perfect so I can test out my everyday luck and it feels like a game!!

They are incredibly functional and helpful. I wanted to decorate my photo with cute stickers and I searched and searched to find 3 irresistible apps. God, please extend my phone's internal memory. Hovering around the app was very easy as I only tap a sticker on the selection and the borderline adjustments are everywhere.

The apps name are as follows for the photo stickers:

Frank-remark Stickers
Kawaii photo
kansai cat stickers

Kawaii photo is used for photo editing while the stickers are used for messenger, the ultimate makeover to boring stickers you get on messenger.

I thought that was everything when  I saw this app named Frank-remark Clocks for placing a cute clock, I got a cute one that blends as an app logo and I said no more I'm overloaded with cuteness already I might get overdosed.

You're not kidding as I blend everything with an icon pack of Asus' Afternoon tea, yeah I've definitely overdosed with cuteness.  Have I told you guys that I also successfully attained Foie gras at Food Fantasy, 2 days before deadline and tears got into my eyes, cause getting her has been more painful experience but rewarding because she's my first UR magic caster with a base power of around 2000 already compared to my others which are lower. I want to share with all of you who play food fantasy, this is not mine, I got it from social media a complete guide to pairing your food souls.

A new challenge suddenly appeared in my app yesterday and used all my diamonds to inflict damage to this Philippine server Disaster / Boss Raids to level up Foie Gras immediately. I was the one who inflicted the first damage and was not aware that this battle is joined by other players to inflict damage on the boss.

I did not download this but I saw another kawaii app called Battery saver Flowery Kiss if you want it, it looks cute too.

This is not sponsored post but just usual kawaii hunting.

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