On the day of July 17th, 2018, I stumbled on a beautiful Icon in Google App named Food Fantasy. Hesitant to try it out because I've been feeling blank for years to search for a good game, I downloaded it. It was a fast 2 minute download.

Then when it was launched my eyes was set to the beauty of the loading picture, but I said to myself "wait, maybe its just the cover, ok then I'll give you a chance, let's open it and play". I thought maybe most of you guys wanted to see it too, so I streamed it at Nexus, not knowing that this would be the the epitome of a life long yearn.

I could not mirror it thru facebook since streaming with Nexus App and mirroring is not compatible, The lobby of the game has definitely pinned down my interest. I saw Milk, my first love. Then I saw Black Tea, then a visual novel like gameplay about becoming a "Master Attendant". I did not pay attention by the way, I did not pay attention to the tutorial and I got lost. Milk does not repeat tutorial huhuhuhu which made me cry like a river, so I had to rediscover each icon by my own. I learned of a restaurant that has to be managed and a never-ending adventure map.

The cream topping of this cake though are the collection of Food Souls. They are the personified food in fantastic artistry, summoning them was euphoric and soon, I found my gauge of inspiration filled up. I tell you, I never felt this way since the last days of my gaming childhood. The feeling of excitement to play a good game, finally came.

As I experienced at first, I found comments that people had a tough time or got bored but for me, once I got over the tough path of adventures on leveling up or so, I found fulfilling rewards that fueled up my inspiration. Finally.

The peaceful feeling I feel whenever I play and sometimes I pair it up with delightful sweets, comfortable cute yukata or kimono and just being cute, well, its a dream come true. THIS IS THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE. The game did not stress me out, since I do my own pace of leveling up and choice which to improve.

Omg I am at heightened inspiration and my ideas overflow I feel like I would need a swimming pool to catch them. Now, all my inspiration's fully revived and even with bonus. I would be showing to you guys the long lost dreams that are going to be fulfilled soon. It's a secret (Himitsu). You'll see it, just be on the look and follow me for that.

It was the exact moment when High score girl's new episode came out and a new girl was introduced. She was on question why the main protagonist find fun with simple gaming, he seemed to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life unlike hers, that part, I am that guy who has found his simple happiness and continuously fuels him up every time.

Do you also remember the time anime inspired you in every way? Has there been a game that inspired you also?

 My current level on the game is on 27 and there were so many interesting features that opened on my way here, soon, I'm thinking of maybe joining Guild, so as to experience how it feels like to join one.

If you are also playing the game, you may add me, trixiasalonga :) See you there.

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