And Just like that my 1 Month at the newest Beta Game Streaming app in Google Play and IOS came. A Continuous celebration of my song remix stream from anime, games, movies, tv shows and cartoons reached a total of 26.5 K and counting on the last week, I couldn't be more happier as I have fulfilled a life-long dream of continuing the Radio show, now on streaming on most platforms.

Surely, some of you noticed this and gave their smiles and support that made my heart feel like it's surrounded by sweet clouds all over. I am overjoyed and as a way of expressing gratitude plus the 1 monthsary celebration, I have continuously shared a good remix playlist with interesting visuals.

The unique technology of Nexus and effortless mobile stream share caught my attention, but I wanted to give my viewers a full view of myself in the stream. Nexus Gaming app lets you stream and play your games on your phone without the need of a streaming software, but the camera is small, I would want to have the whole body look as I usually done in my streams.

 Thinking of a possible way to do so is like going on a circles inside Dante's hell, in the span of a few days I had to picture in mind all the best possibilities to get my whole body apparition at their app and this was not known to Nexus yet. So, on my day of launch, I surprised them with my whole body apparitions and songs from Geek Radio.

The reaction they gave to me was candy to the eyes, I received praises for a distinctive stream on their app, which they have never seen before. I am pleased to have made them happy on my first streams. Although the audio gets cut off after a minute or so, since they are still on Beta Version and developing the app, most of you guys wanted to hear everything that I feature on the show especially when I talk. Don't worry though they are on the way to improvement for this feature.

I found my phone to overheat easily though with all the processing around and the whole body apparition helped a lot for a flawless uninterrupted game play but I had to sacrifice the commenting system because my phone is placed on the freezer to make sure that it won't overheat.

 I streamed my favorite classic games there:

  • Black Rock Shooter
  • Yandere Simulator
  • Dante's Inferno
  • Sailormoon: Another Story
  • Valkerie Drive: Bhikkhuni
  • Ink Game
  •  Monsters (probably stole my Princess)
  • Valkerie Profile: Lenneth
  • My Highschool 2018
  • Memoria Freese
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  • AOV
  • ML
  • Bard's Tale
  • Klonoa: Door to Phantomole
  • Syobon action
  • Food Fantasy
  •  Archery 
  • Brown Dust
  • and the heart of Geek Radio, Beat Hazard.

 I couldn't stream Identity V because it crashes when I play it together with the stream, it would be great to stream and play it thru the app. Even with a simple mirroring I get rubber banding and lags that are unbearable, I'll probably wait when the flawless development is done so I can play it without interruption.

Everything was fun and exciting till I met the game that stole my heart, Food Fantasy. Some found it difficult to play, but as I said, the first few hours of this is boring but you'll get passed that eventually once your team becomes a bit stronger and capable to withstand enemies, you'd be rewarded with beautiful art and for me, a overflowing inspiration.

I produced a new art of an original character and sewn it to cosplay which I am glad to see that most of you guys appreciated it, arigatou > <. I named her Ice Lolly, she is my streaming avatar and the current face of Geek Radio.

Streaming at Nexus has brought me to new heights to thinking creatively - Technology wise. I shall never forget this experience and the dreams that were granted in the span of a month with them. For those that were looking for the record of my former streams and could not find it before, the newest update was able to showcase my lost streams and you may now review them to your hearts desire.

On my last day, I got extremely comfortable with my Pink Kimono and it placed my heart at ease that all has been done, it was done with Flying colors. Thank you for appreciating Geek Radio's remix playlist and we will continue to air them as we enjoy it the most too >_< See you all on the next stream. Lav ya all Mwah >o<

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