When the clock stroke 12 and September 1 came, I received a great news of gift, lots and lots of opps and sponsorships contacted me especially a great deal of doing the things I love the most. I felt like I was dreaming already but the dream did not stop there. Continuosly, I received new celebratory gifts each day and even had the chance to be invited for a local tv show. I literally did not blink for more than 10 minutes, so shocked and kept telling myself I am not dreaming at all!

A gift to be paid in doing what you love
Then much more than that, schedules for the gift have been extended till October, its a big OMG. Often times, if you'd probably see my tired eyes during streams are because I've been up and awake cherishing and fulfilling the gifts, but even with the stream itself are the gifts! Hehehehe.

I've had so many great birthday celebrations from everyone throughout the whole month and I am overwhelmed to receive such blessings even from strangers I don't know, turned out to be a fan! Thank you!!

This month I've had a hard time documenting the gifts I received so I am placing them here as my Diary, to remind myself that I am appreciated and loved by so many people, I feel complete!

The gift of youth
The best gift I ever received was everyone mistakes me for my age, when you guys have told me that I am in this certain age and was not able to guess my real age even with so many tries, this gave me the best compliment in the world! Thank you!

When Birthday comes some say that this is another year added to a person's age, that is a fact. For me though I chuckled a lot because with my birthday coming up in a few days I've been told that I am years younger than what they expected,  of course, I am quite happy and overjoyed, but it did not stop there when people started offering me sponsorships that are for a younger age. This give me a real chuckle, I feel extremely flattered already that these opportunities for younger people are offered to me.

Izakaya cuisines at home
Then every single day, I was laid down with the most sumptous cuisines my heart desires, the chef even went away just to hunt the rarest and freshest quality gourment. This is literally a dream come true. I do apologize if I wasn't able to snap in pictures, most of the time I would forget because I was so indulged in the moments, I often forget to capture! Goodness me...

But, with a good happiness shared along the way, I been more than fuelled with motivation to finish every collaborations and sponsorships with you. I'm keeping everything on schedule and without delay.

Upgrade to Ultima
It took a while and lots of patience was needed because we had been planning to upgrade my PC to its Ultima and the package finally arrived! Wohoo ! We rushed to a nearby comp. Technician to have the pieces installed and damn my baby is no longer a baby but one hell of a monster ready to devour anything that gets on its way, we tested and did the ultimate stream with it and so you now know I am now everywhere whenever I stream, no more lags!

The gift of Beauty
My sponsors saw that my skin hasn't been maintained and its all my fault for not maintaining it at all, so they had me do skin treatment where all the stars go in secret because of its effectivity. This was a sworn secret though I can't disclose, but after a day or a few hours of treatment my pimples cleared and damn it looks like I had korean hydration on my face every night in just one treatment. They were specialized for a busy lifestyle of stars that dont even need maintainance and had makeup even asleep, and with theirs, I can be myself, low maintenance at all and yes, I did have makeup when I sleep and still perfect skin. My only issue is that I haven't gone back for my eyebags treatment because I am lazy. Yes, admit..  Please dont tell my sponsors about this or they'll get mad. Omg. They were exerting so much effort to get me a healthy skin as possible and I keep telling them I feel that I dont deserve a grand treatment because Im not a star and they laughed at me and said "yeah, right and your facebook page live stream star says it all". Uuuuuuhhhh I feel really guilty!

With all the skeds lined up, I would always lie down in my bed and go straight to sleep because I get all tired from the whole day but I've always have smile in my face before I fell as sleep and beautiful dreams with all the wonderful blessings.

A good health and happy relationship
Lastly, a good health for my family. Everything is going great and strong for everyone, the best gift nothing can compare! Mom and meaw are both feeling great and they would ask me go to with them in their exercises and long walks, I'm just soo sleepy though because of my time difference. Nevertheless, so thankful for my cheerful healthy family.

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