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I've received cute gifts this birth month and would like to share them to you. First, I want to to thank Mom, Ms. Julie and Sis Loida for the gifts. They are all so cute and helpful, I can't wait to carry them with me.

Given by Ms. Julie, these Pastel undies are two match darlings, they are just perfect for pairing with my pastel clothes and would blend well with the fashion. Although, these babies are never seen me wearing on cam, they are candy to my eyes at times I take glances in mirror in it. This just sets the mood of the days fashion, now I know why yandere-chan prioritizes which undies to wear at school.

Courtesy of Ms. Loida,
A mini Hello Kitty pink wallet that fits not only phone but almost all essentials on the go. I plan to carry it inside bag but if I just take trips on neighborhood 7-11 or supermarket, these will be the capturing glances while I bring it.

Gift by Ms. Julie,

A White striped offset blue blouse that is just perfect for my blogging or cosplay gigs, its a good casual look but with a touch of elegance, right on time if I need to switch between my two roles on the same day. It can go from casual to classy just by adding beaded accessories, pairing it with a cute skirt or slacks and many more, possibilities are endless, the best thing is that it has its own adjustable belt on place for fitted look.

Gift by meaw

A lazy phone holder. He gave it to me for comfort when I'm streaming or watching on my phone. What I love about it is that it's rotatable from landscape to portrait.

So, there we go, the last one is a special paper from mom, but can't snap a pic of that. Later, she gave me this super loli pantsu.

Thank you so much again, I know most of you guys are living far away and you've sent me great gifts, I love you all~

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