Joining the headgear contest

I've made a decision to join in this year's headgear competition, a digital art contest that where I can share the characters headgear design, I've worked on my preliminary submission work which took me for at least 2 hours to finish. I know I lack in speed but I decided to join in and have fun.

Antler girl for preliminary round of headgear competition at Ragnarok

After submission, I received a confirmation two days before the contest and I was happy that I'd get to join a brand new competition in my life. The only time I competed for my art was back at school and I admit that I dont have much confidence in my work. I was encouraged to join as a special person told me that its time for me to harness the skills and awaken this sleeping talent I forced to put to sleep.

All I know is that I would be using a Huion tablet which I havent tried and I am anxious what program they'll let us use.

The day before, there was an email confirmation that I'll also attend as media and I felt the pressure seep into me.

The day of the event

We've arrived at the venue early in at around 9 or 10, we were led to a special entrance for media. The staff assisted us with all the questions especially when they got confused that I was also looking for the booth of headgear competition. It wasnt my first time to get inside the skydome, the last time I was inside, i was at talentadong pinoy show, this time the whole venue was given life with the picturesque castle stone pavillion and walls.

stage at ragnafest 2018
Cosplayer photbooth at ragnafest 2018
A stage was set-up and a small stylish area for guests and players to seat in front with snacks has been set-up. Booths are located on the sides.

headgear competition area

huion booth at ragnafest 2018

It didn't take very long, we started out very early after the orientation at 11 am, I signed up for one hour early slot and took it, its only 45 mins draw for all sides and I could feel that its going to be difficult to get a good line highlight for my
work, so I made a sketch.
The best thing is that they let us have references, I took mine with one of the sketches I had a few days back.

Entry for Ragnarok Ragnafest 2018 headgear competition

I didnt finish the lining and color, as I thought, it took me sometime to get acquianted with the tablet or photoshop, this has become my weakness as I am not trained to make vectors with that program, added to my lack of speed practice. Someone noticed one of the competitors tablet didnt work, it wasnt the program, so they changed it and took 5 minutes from him. Oh dear, and I was on thinking of buying a unit from them, this did have a point of realization that maybe durability might become an issue in the future, and thats the top priority I always look for.

A Swinging Brunch

tambayan ni pedro at sm north edsa
After the contest, we went out to have out branch, I was looking forward to eat unli-rice at mang inasal but boy, all seats are taken! We saw an attractive swing dining set up called tambayan ni Pedro and the menu is similar with mang inasal, so we tried it out. The chicken I had was crispy, slightly burnt sides but didnt affect the juicy taste. Their oil was savory when drenched to my rice however, my companion, a food critic told me that each flavor was too strong for him that there was no harmony on them anymore, he noticed I stopped and didn't finish on my second rice which is odd because I always do, he said thats its probably terminated my appetite. For me, it was good and seating on a swing in the middle of the mall added to comfort and amusement, although I was annoyed with the kid on my back trying to bang the swing all the time since each swing is cramped up. Overall, it was a good experience and we had great conversation.

Program start

The time we went back, we were expecting that the program had moved on to its schedule, but we were surprised that it hasn't started yet, the schedule had a difference of around 3 hours. It started with a joyful playing of drums by Batangas drummers and their dances, bring me games which had a few accidents to cosplay part.

That small drama

Ms. Myrtle at Ragnafest 2018
The start of the cosplay though, we noticed that there seem to be something odd with the movement of the organizers and they remove the set up of the middle mini sala and modified it, it seemed that a certain group of individuals had set comfy to sit in and ate the snacks provided for myrtle, the intl guests and players, so they decided to remove the grass walls and only placed one long sofa infront, eventually these group of people went home, when all was clear, the cosplay competition started and Myrtle was able to finally have a seat in-front.

The organizers had everything all set up at the very start, the mini sala was meant for her to stay there and comment on the game throughout the program, but since this group of people had occupied the seats, it was only the time of judging that she came out.

I might check this on shelves later at stores...

When I got thirsty, I went to check the booth of natures spring, I tried their testers and I thought Id get a normal water, I was surprised it tasted like apple juice, it made me reminisce how I relied on apple juices when i was trying to remedy my soda dependency when I was a child, and with the one I took, I guess its less effort to mix apple juice powder anymore. It satisfied and quenched my thirst on just a shot glass amount, I might look for it in the shelves when i get by at store.

There were donuts on the other side and a picture booth with the cute cosplay girls which I shyly didn't pose with. Around 7 pm, they announced the winners of the headgear and cosplay competition, I didn't win any place this time but I loved the new experience and feeling I had the time I was in the competition, it felt like having a national exam to set an adrenaline rush and thoroughly activating my artistic sense, it was totally worth it! I'll just work on my pace and learn more about vector art in Photoshop so I'll be able to deliver a better graphics next time.

The difference with former events...

After the announcement, we packed our bags and went home. I was surprised that the game program lasted for more than the time when I fell asleep at around 2 am onwards, but my companion told me that it usually does last that long, even before. I also checked the facebook post voting at their page, I forgot that they also need the likes from audience at around 20% to choose the winner of the artworks. My companion told me that the rules are way better than before because it the voting system was done before through cosplay and judged onsite by audiences, meaning, you could bring your very own army to vote for you, which is a total dismay or disadvantage especially to those that do not have the support onsite, he even stressed that he was in disappointment before since he saw an incredible craftmanship and play execution from a cosplayer but since the voting had played a huge part of the judging, he didn't win. He stressed that headgear competition back then wasn't digital but made with real materials that was only judged onsite as well, he said that it's better that they placed in the voting system to this side of the contest. The cosplay competition's judging was done fair as when the winners was announced, a brief explanation of their win was given and it we all agreed with the outcome, a congratulations for the winners!

A sobing child

While, I was on my way home, I sulk with my companion as to how I've become dormant with my artistic dreams and blamed it mostly with adulting life that I certainly cannot remove, but after a day of endless whining I've halted and moved on, because the challenge for this dreamy artistic session has just started and it's continuing in my life moving forward, I felt relieved and excited that it doesn't have to end. Plus, someone want's to buy me the most expensive Huion tablet just to cheer me up, oh, if you are reading this, thank you. I'd gladly appreciate and accept the cheer, hehehe.


So, that is overall my first time experience attending Ragnafest, It was totally memorable, the drama, emotions and memories that I felt along from this event I will cherish and add to lifetime smiling memory album on my amygdala.

Thank you very much for the most warm welcome Ragnafest staff and all those that made a successful memorable evening before the month of Christmas.


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