It's been a while and the last time you've probably seen me is through my last posts on my profile timeline, I wonder if you've noticed that lately I became a guest to a game show which I feel is a birthday present. This was months ago that I'm talking to you about, but I feel that I should share with you a different side of the adventure.

The question was who has the longest hair which runs past the waistline. The contestant was able to choose 2 correct answers by choosing the other girl choices and on the very last option, confusion set in and the contestant chose the wrong girl which set the bomb to go off. Don't worry, it was just like a powder bomb. Turns out, if contestant chose me as the right answer, he would have won.

On the backstage, you can already hear the voices of people including the seniors who shout their bets, I believe the contestant has faith with them, they were right on the first two, but why would they go wrong with the last choice, which was me.

The choices and audience meet on the same spot, they saw us all even I on my long hair, but how did it get to the point that they don't recognize that I was with the long golden hair even taking lots of selfies with them.

That is what I wanted to talk to you guys about.

The one thing that you'd check most is the thickness of the bun, if you'll see mine, it has been binded well that you thought it won't get past my waistline. It was only flattened with flat iron and binded normally, but how'd that happen that the audience nor contestant did not even choose me?

When I was summoned, it was sudden that I only have the night to prepare. I came rushing in to a nearby drugstore and bought hot oil, I thought this might be needed so as to help with the easy hair fix, I didn't know this did a good job. After I applied and air dried hair it became so soft and straight, but there's one thing I noticed, I got less hair than I had before. Yes, I would like to tell you that my hair hasn't been in the best condition these months. I am to blame. I am scheduled to undergo repair treatments since my last collaboration months ago and I did not go. I completely ignored my hair, I figured out how engrossed I was with my new streaming career that I never wanted to go anywhere. If I have another side of me, she'd probably hit my head with a fan. I feel guilty. Unlike my first bleaching treatment, I was diligent to go with the repair treatments and I suffer the consequences. Hell, did I not even pick up the free repair shampoos, thats the extent.

When he did not choose me, I reflected on my past actions. It wasn't the first time that I became engrossed to what I love doing but I feel that this has became a blessing in that it made me realize to take good care of myself even more. Yet still, here I am writing up my guilt but I only made little effort with the repair treatments which should've been consistent.

By the way, the video for the game show is also on my youtube page, you may check it out, type reshadaseamaiden and it's named SIMPLE BLESSINGS.

Not only did I have the opportunity to prove to you guys that I am a breathing human being, but I myself had hit a hard realization. When I was young, which please don't ask about my age, I never did care about my health at all, I always recover immediately anyway but it is true that if you continously neglect it will eventually take toll on you and before you know it, it's difficult or impossible to bring back optimum health.

Lately, I've been hanging out with younger individuals and most of them are in more stress than youths before, both mentally and physically. They usually push themselves to the breaking point. I've had moments like those when I was younger and the same age, but I can observe that it's has gotten a lot worse with today's youth pressure.

I've been away for a while though, soon I might even be thinking of getting further looking into a good self-meditation in a fresher environment, but with the months that gone by, it cleared my mind, better organized both thoughts and things around me, made sound decisions and finally taking care of myself.

I may be as quiet as the wind but I slash though.

Creativity is on the highest peak and efficiency stabilized. I can feel better control of my actions and sound mind. I am loving the peacefulness I feel nowadays.

I only wish I can meet with some of my busy bee friends for a cup of tea. I miss them, they are far away and although technology helps a lot with communication, nothing beats with meeting them in person.

How about you, would you choose me as your right answer?
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