When my blog is still a toddler, I've made a vow to myself that the very first sponsored experience of dining in an unlimited Yakiniku restaurant will be given a gift of my appreciation.

That gift is to complete a look in traditional Japanese fashion, a kimono. The dream finally came true, although we made a few modifications to the kimono, such as made the lower part shorter so it'll be easier to mobilize.

Believe it or not I am also wearing sneakers for extra comfort. For my hair though it's my DIY ponytail that suppose to be in uploaded soon in my you tube page and my favorite gold ribbon.

And finally, all dreams came true for last December 3, 2018 Tuesday at Sct. Fernandez Tomas Morato, we visited Yoshi Meatsu branch and had a once- in a lifetime experience on a korean japanese unlimited restaurant.

We proceeded upstairs and you'll be able to see a huge display of Japanese snacks or katana displays.

Food on table:

G1- G2 Sliced beef Yakiniku, G3 Spicy Beef Yakiniku, R4 Lettuce, G4 Sliced US fatty beef Yakiniku, H1 Herbed Pork

The staff kindly prepared the table for us and we were given seats upstairs, the restaurant has welcoming warmth feel and air is filled with grilled meat all over, it is not smoky which I thought will, but because of the installed individual exhaust which seems to suck in all the smoke emanating from the charcoal grill.

I love how the staff laid out the table setting of Stainless steel chopsticks and rectangular plates, then sauce servings per side, makes it easy to access everything you need.

On my floral white and blue modified kimono, I've joined in the 2pm servings of Tempura, Grade 1-2 Yakiniku at first.

It was drenching hot outside so I started with the glass bottle of chilled apple tea, the sourness and apple flavor slides on my throat, and did I just mentioned the aesthetic glass it comes, each bottle costs P138.00 and its a treat to take it home for a eco-friendly totally stylish swap to plastic bottles. Although, the bottles are not part of the unlimited deal and sold separately, I would have a pretty cool reason to go back here.

Since it was my first time, I am blessed to the fullest in being company with non other than foodie specialist of bvloggers.com, he introduced to me how I do a good sequence and to the best combinations of the food.

The price is 2 Plates at a time
Promo Price P549
Leftover fee 899

We added Sakana Tofu, light and Tofu~
Wiener Sausage

Chicken liver

The juicy yakiniku meat just melts in my palate, there were three sauce to pair them with but I avoided the spicy one, can't have that due to my stomach condition, if you've read my medical blog you'll know what I mean. I thought everything was going to be spicy, my fear and anxiety of trying always gets on the way, but my bestfriend, on our small talks l, reassured me that I should try one and I will have a choice not to have the spicy sauce.

Korean and Japanese Sochu
I had a sip of both korean and japanese Sochu and my whole body felt really warm on just first sip which I regret since I am wearing triple linens.

Herbed Steak
Herbed steak being cooked as to per my request of "well done", took me one challenging bite but it was worth it, the thickness of the meat will not disappoint if you're looking to find something that would satisfy your hunger.

Japanese treats such as california maki is included on the side. Yum Yum! Both the bland rice and a bit of sour salty stuffing rubbles in my mouth delightfully.

Striking a pose while the meat sizzles, table top grilling does give you a lot of bonding time with your family, friends or special someone, its the perfect sit, chill and eat experience on staying updated with them and with toast of drinks, this is a great way to reward and celebrate for a job well done.

The best treat is the cheese, their grill has special side where you can place the cheese and let it grill too, the salty taste and savoury meat combined makes delectable palate experience.

On the table Cheese Roll, Kyuri salad, Kani Salad. We were also served Miso soup at the end.
Miso Soup
The miso soup is my very first try, people tell me that it tastes sour like sinigang, its none like sinigang for me, theres only faint sourness, its aromatic but never overpowering.

Meeting new friends and sharing the bountiful meal is ❤. We met with Mr. Ross and other bloggers and interviewed Ms. Ella, thankfully welcomed us warmly on this day.

At the time of our grill, amazingly caught my attention is when they played anime music videos such as the Hunter X Hunter, you guys know how I'm a big fan of this anime. Of course, my love for kpop and kdramas will always be there too, I got all excited and hyped up to blog because of the songs.

I went to peak downstairs at the serving area and saw their rows and columns of prepared dishes picked up to be served. I wanted to lend a hand to serve. Hehehehe

The cashier is right beside this serving station and welcomes you once door is opened.

Facilities such as a small comfort room and wash area are located on the 2nd floor. So, if you need to hold your lettuce, you don't need to worry, they have good soap, hehehe

If you'll need to order more, there's a touch screen in every table where you may order them.

The staff are going up and the stairs all the time, so if you need something they are there to assist.

We had such an amazing time and we made videos for a quick round up, which you may check on my you tube page once uploaded.

I had fun with sir Ross on making a short video in Japanese language although my voice isnt too audible due to the noise in the background. You may see some videos available in his facebook wazzup pilipinas page. I laughed when I saw my self on some videos and pictures. seemingly trying to focus on engulfing meat hehehe.

I haven't tried their premium offers yet, but I can see from their menu that it'll be worth it, when you get to dine it, maybe try their premium deals to see the difference.

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