They're at it again. The connection became sluggish and the system moves on its own with unexplained errors. They're definitely at it again. This scenario is the same, whenever hackers try to do what they're good at 'hack'. Mostly they would have my browser's activities and desk activities, then from my searches at most, they would have a new trendsetting ideas. It's not new to me, they've been doing this, the best part is that they would garner credits and profit from it. I follow several creators, like Auraqualic to name a few, and being original does have what they call the greatest flattery of all 'copycat' but the heartaches the creators feel when the creations they made are used against them is shattering.

A few months back, I made geek radio. I made it because I've seen creator's heart crushed by these people. I wanted the radio to serve as inspiration to ignite that passion that these people had put out. I know the feeling and now I've felt it more than ever. I wish that this reached out to the creators feeling the same and is battling it out. We're he're and we feel the same.

I dont credit this as mine, but my searches about an 'ear cuff and tondo' has been on my history years and months back. It is a good trendsetting keywords that I saw became a world winner. People may have a hard time believing especially for some small time blogger like me to say it, but it happens. I teared upon watching one earrings designer had told her story of her very own copycat. She had a hard time coping up with it and it almost feels like you lost a part of your life with it. I usually shrug this off, but this time I could no longer ignore. There are only few creators in this world and their dreams are being crushed, only a few understand the value of creators and many misunderstood them. 

My very own idol, I looked up to has lied low. She's been through a lot when she became a sensation, to the point it shattered her life, but all she did was just to share her masterpieces on her page, yet the world became cruel to her and now they no longer speak of her name moreover curse her for the monstrosity of her works of art. Because of this I never see her share her works freely anymore, which I wish and adore so much, she inspires me and even when I reach out to her to encourage her, the pain she felt had affected her, how I miss her usually carefree works and now its gone.

I am angered by these people a lot, not only were they only taking and crediting themselves but they even kill the original creators dreams. I asked one co-creator of mine, how they're able to make it through this a double edge curse and blessing, and I feel that there really is no solution nor remedy with this, yet as long as you're breathing, you can always try to fulfill your dreams. This is not new news, like chanel said ' if you want to be original, get ready to be copied'

Its inevitable, but just keep on moving forward, the most important of all is you fulfill them, doesnt matter if they even get greater credits from it, what matters is that your dreams are fulfilled because thats some accomplishment you can take with you in next eternal life.

Always remember,

Look at your path, it doesn't matter if they follow you. You lead it. Enjoy the moment and never sway.

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