Yesterday I posted a picture on facebook of my newest vanity reveal.

My vanity is a mixture of crystal glass and golden dainty lights. I choose a long standing mirror as I needed for outfits, I do have my Vintage Clairol Light mood changing mirror on top of that circular glass table most of times, but since its mobile I can always carry it anywhere in the room.

I keep a vintage perfume bottle for quick fresh spray before heading out and my bb cream inside of the round crystal glass container gifted by one of my titas. It was just the perfect location for storing my bb cream since I usually use only pouches these days. I find it efficient to use pouch rather than the tube ones which I dont seem to get the whole content inside, plus it's way economical. My BB cream is unbelievably manufactured by Samsung, yes, you read it right, the famous Samsung brand also have a makeup line and their bb cream are as unique as their cellphones are. On casual days, the bb cream is enough for light makeup, but on cosplay or professional blogging days, it serves as a powerful primer dewy glow finish, I believe what Michellephan said that you'll have to get a product which serves a lot of purpose. The bb cream was recommended by a sponsor who studied my skin for more than 10 years, because I seem to respond to makeup products differently than other girls do and when this was recommended at first, I was hesitant but many had complimented the difference with my usual make-ups, then I saw a huge change which got me to change, it's my break-outs, they lessened and disappeared.
Moving on, my old vanity is now sits in my old blue room which seems to collect dust. I don't know if I should sell it or not since there were parts that I feel are already missing, but it is a sturdy vanity which served me for many years. You're probably wondering where my other make-ups are, I have a vintage tin mini luggage which I store them, I don't keep a lot of make-ups since my face has been cooperative for the past few months. I would only visit my dermatologists and in a few days, skin is incredible already, yes, I am a lazy girl I don't do maintenance. I would thank my beloved sponsors for letting me have this blessing, by the way, they don't use any surgical procedure on my face, they'll usually use natural products only like their placenta soap or Malunggay soap and facial cleaning. that's it.
I took a bokeh shot from my phone and it was dazzling. Next time I might edit videos soon, but that would probably be next month as I'm a busy bee with projects this month. See yah guys
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