The real purpose is self-love and appreciation. Now, you will have time to focus on yourself. Finally understanding that Letting go of the things you cannot control is the key. Life is short and fragile, live each day as it were the last. The purpose was to capture the beauty and stop time as if it will forever be in a time capsule. No one understood what it truly meant to you. Yet deep inside, you knew it was a therapy, a way of appreciating God's personalized gift, only you had. It's okay, it is never too late, he preserved it until the day you are Ready to embrace it once more.

Just wait. You'll find your answers, it's just hidden within you, but in time it will Reveal. Let me remind you to try reading books and listen to music. Do you want to know why people love reading them? Surely, you must remember. It is in those books that you create and immerse in a universe so deep, no one can harm you there. Everything happens for a reason. That's probably the most common words you've been hearing on your head, but what you probably missed are the Blessings greater than what you expect, you know that when it comes, it will be the envy of everyone. But oh, It's yours! it's personalized! It will definitely be something that cannot be taken from you, similar to what your grandfather taught you. 

Take your time. Weren't you working hard for this moment? You've earned it, savor the triumph, you've done Magnificent. Never worry of your puffy eyes. Do you remember that the more you cry the more the doll forms. Many are into this art, but few understand it's meaning, only you do.

It's okay to burst out sometimes, never apologize for feeling something. It's how you feel and that is not a fault. It reminds you that you are a human being capable of emotions. You may cry if you need to. You may also try tidying up. tidy up all the stresses, if you can tidy up the person stressing you, ha ha, okay that's exaggeration but what I'm trying to say is, you can channel this out by doing your usual defense mechs, by the way, yours is perfect since it makes everything clean

You are one of the blessed ones. Yes, in this reality apples or whatever it is falls from trees. Many has witnessed it and you know that. Silently savor the blessing or you may share it with a friend! but I don't need to tell you this, since you always share it when you get one. 

By the way, I stumbled on a little girl carrying only initials on her name. She said to tell you a message,

"You're awesome! I wish I could grow up like you :)"

she told me that her time was up and she might never grow up the way you do. However, she said that you can do it for her instead.

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