Today mark's the hottest temp of Metro around 35°C in the whole year. I thought my weakly body starts to disappoint me once again especially when I am on a tight deadlines but no, it was real. 7-11 gave the best chilling aircon than my room but we couldn't stay for long, only for brunch.

I returned to my workspace at home and tried to finish the projects with blurry eyes, almost exploding nape and world turning round and round. After that i couldn't work anymore. The heat is killing me despite the aircon. I imagine myself on my senior years, if i'll ever experience this heat by that age, i'll probably die of heat stroke immediately.

While I try my very best to stay cool, my favorite mango graham shake store was far away from where I am, I miss the 7-11 ice cream cones but I wasn't in the mood for dairy type desserts, I couldn't really make up my mind to catch grabfood even though I can.

I really miss the having this mango graham shake. The seller, she was like a korean, really pale with blonde wavy shoulder length hair, she was friendly unlike the other who served, and with just P50.00 i get this large sweet size which I find it challenging to finish.

The mango graham shake came right on time when my favorite Frostee closed down, I will never be able to taste my most favorite creme brulee at my favorite market.

I have finally finished watching the Kemono ni Narenai Watashitachi (Weakest Beast), it felt heavy in the heart, the story similar to life situations, I can't really say it was a great ending but it felt more of relief for the main characters.

To be honest, it urges me more to drink and eat ramen noodles.

The next thing that happened to me last month was at the heat of summer, I've marathoned Game of Thrones for work. It was truly addicting and perfect timing to finally watch it after many years of wait. I would usually wait till the season is almost over or over so I can marathon a series.

Now that I was able to watch the till season 7, it never change the fact that my favorites are Khal Drogo and Khalessi

Well, I can say it is difficult to imagine snow in the summer heat but it does help divert attention from the heat sometimes. I've finished work with Game of Thrones in flying colors and I couldn't wait to watch the last season.

Another line of honesty is that I am devastated upon the news of Supernatural going on an end, it was inevitable but they are icons and the story writer /script writer was phenomenal. I actually watched another series of somewhat similar show and I get so irritated for an actor imitating Dean. I won't drop the name of that show but I definitely cringe because instead of giving life to the role he was assigned to it was merely a fabrication of Dean's character. Well, it was done there and I was relieved I don't want to ever see it again.

Well, moving on, I've been into binge watching Lucifer , I find a good chuckle on their humor but still with  a drop of similarity to Supernatural.

I'm not really here to compare them with the series but I can notice the flow and angle are similar. I like the humorous script though.

Well, that's all for now, next time I'll update again for what's new. Do you agree with me above?

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