A doll Pin Up look with an asian flair

For fun, I decided to try out something new, maybe trying out a new look that not everyone has seen yet.

Today I am experimenting on this new look, Voluptuous beauty like a pin up doll Style.

The setup is very simple this is one of my blue laced body fitting lingerie paired with my cotton sports shorts. 

This Lingerie top is highly stretcheable and if you'd like to check and purchase one, contact me at reshadaseamaiden@gmail.com, just tell me your size and I will ship it to you, shipping varies per location. 

Lingerie top is around $25.00.

Hairstyle is Natural Black and burgundy straight cut with bangs. Make up is minimal and no makeup makeup look.

I call this new look EVOLUTION as I am always a loli upfront when you see me, so this is a rare chance that you'd find me in this experimental look.

By the way, do not get a wrong idea in this shoot, I am mainly experimenting only and not to seduce or some might get the wrong idea. 

As usual this is taken by my Finepix Fujifilm Camera reliable selfie camera on a gloomy and rainy day which became my favorite shooting day because I dont get very haggard in creating my looks.  

This is a flattering design and keeps my figure perfect for that beach body or night out like look.

We should always be in the look out to find the best formula for our beauty and find yourselves in harmony. Do not be affected by the judgement of others because the truth is that people will always comment, life is too short, find whichever pleases you and follow your heart. At the release of this post, I received different feedbacks from people like:
"You look hot"
"wow sexy"
"why are you doing this?"
and so forth...
I also get feedbacks to those that was close to me and surprised with the appearance change that I demonstrated. Negative and positive comments alike, I feel fulfilled. This is a form of art which not everybody can relate to. I kept this blog to document my daily activities for my improvement. It not only keeps track of my health but my beauty and preserves it. Although these are great platforms with which we have freedom to post whatever we like we have to be careful on what we share. I can understand that most of my readers especially those that are near me are very concerned to the outcome and impact this will bring in the future, which is what I absolutely adore. 


Dont be confused this is not an ancestral home, our homes designed is somewhat ancestral and traditional, the most that you see around the historical homes in Manila. Mom loved designs that depict culture and tradition. So the aroma of varnish and wax is always expected when Im at home, but we're not that addicted to that smell. Somewhat some friends that visited get scared and think that there are ghosts on the house due to the design, which sometimes becomes as an advantage as they dont go roaming around without permission. Jokes.

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