Alfonsos champorado. (I poured the contents and added hot water, waited for 5 mins ) and its itadakimasu!
WHAT is Champorado?
Google says,
Tsampurado (Spanish: champurrado)is a sweet chocolate
rice porridge in Philippine cuisine. It is traditionally made by
boiling sticky rice with cocoa powder, giving it a distinctly
brown color and usually with milk and sugar to make it taste
sweeter. However, dry tsampurado mixes are prepared by just
adding boiling water. It can be served hot or cold and with milk
and sugar to taste. It is served usually at breakfast and
sometimes together with salty dried fish locally known as tuyo.
There are times that I crave for such delicious cuisine, but it takes time and patience to make one, so I went to the store and looked for a ready to eat champies.
Alfonsos champorado, may help to satisfy your cravings for champorado but nothing beats the traditionally cooked champorado at home!

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