Pizza Pizza, who doesn't love Pizza, crunchy, juicy and tender yuminess!

Today, we ordered Family Size from Fatboys Beef Rodeo and Family Size Peperroni overload from Dexters Pizza, who of these two contenders will win?

Round 1

Time arrivals

Fatboy >>> Told us will arrive in 30 mins . Far from our location                   Time arrived 15 mins.
Dexters >>> Told us will arrive in 15 mins. nearer to our location                   Time arrived 30 mins.

Winner of this round:

Fatboys won, even though Fatboys have the most disadvantage when it comes to location, they arrived 15 mins. earlier the promised time. Well done Fatboys! You're a satisfaction especially to hungry lads out there!

Fatboys Pizza beef rodeo (pic not mine)
Round 2
Dexters Pizza
Pepperoni Overload

Fatboys>>>> came with the package in tissue  outside of the box inside 4 hot sauce
Dexters>>>> came with the package in tissue and 1 sauce inside of the box

Pizza Presentation
Fatboys Beef Rodeo >>>>> stuffed with beef, bell pepper, onion, mushroom and loads of cheese
crust>>> thick

Dexters Pepperoni Overload >>> Reddish with big Pepperoni and few cheese stripes
crust>>> thin
Fat boys above ~ thicker crust
Dexters above ~ more ketchups above less cheese
Fatboys ~ more cheese above


Fatboys won this round again. Dexter's Pizza's Tissues have messed the Pizza inside making it unpresentable and Fatboys number of sauces gives the customers + points. Just looking at the Pizza with more stuffs on it makes it worth the money paid. ;) Most people love pizzas with thicker crust and cheese and Fatboys is sure win!

Round 3

Fatboys>>> Cheesy, crunchy with variety of taste like beef and bell peppers
Dexters Pizza>>>  beefy goodness with cheesy

Winner of the round >>>

Fatboys again

Fatboys worth >> P270.00   with free delivery
Dexters>>>  P240.00 free delivery

These statistics are based from the people that have celebrated with me and agreed, it still depends on the person's preference thick or thin crust, cheesy or not cheesy! Thank you so much and Hope you try one ^^

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