It's about time to open the presents! I am just too excited, I saw lots of my gifts under the Christmas Tree, I acted like a small child very excited to open up the gifts.

First was from my friend Aizelle, this cool small notebooks. She knows how much I love writing and drawing, and for all those that love the same, this is a must! Easily jot down things in style!There are so many designs and its sooo cute!
 Thank you Aizelle for choosing this!
I received this gift from my Nephew, its so cute and who knows I really needed one! I love the strap, made of plastic material, great for those people that is on to rigid sports or work, making it water resistant and easy to wash.

 That design is sooo cute! Thank you to my Niece!

My auntie gave me this keepie organizer! It is a big convenience to me because I travel a lot, and all my toiletries, small things, lotions, perfumes or makeup gets messed up! With the compartments divided, It'll be as easy as 1-2-3 in finding them! Thank you to my Auntie!

My cousin gave this pouch, also great for storing a lot of my makeup, but I think I would be needing this for short walks to the stores, Savemore or just around the campus, It'll be quite handy in storing my digi cam, phone and money ^^. Thank you dear Niece!

 This Mickey Mouse smells cute! Seriously! The moment I opened my packaged the cherry scent just came out from the packaging and I was like ~ waaa hmmm smells so cute!! Thanks to my housemate!

These clothes are from my Mother, they are great wear for a Sunday! especially Family time Sunday! Thank you Mom!

Lastly this came from my Mom's Secretary. I love it, now I have an iphone! haha ~ just kidding, Thank you sister!

The gifts 
This Christmas is a blessing for me, just like the other Christmas last years!
I am truly thankful to those that gave me these gifts!
Made my Christmas the best there is!
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