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    Hi! I'm Trixia and welcome to my slice of life. I'm not your average blogger, I'm a hybrid of multi-dimensional shoujo, a rare breed of legal loli and a unique original producer of ideas and inspiration. My path goes on the other side of the road which is less traveled, where thrill and excitement rests. This blog holds my inner thoughts, experiences, opinions and out-of-the-ordinary theories which I keep as a journal of my life's highlights. Contact me at reshadaseamaiden@gmail.com for collaboration


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    Happy new Year everyone! 
    Do you ever get the feeling that the year's going to become so wonderful? I do feel it! i SHARE to everyone my casual video to start the new year! yey, my very first good quality video~ oh it's like a debut video! I hope you all love it and subscribe facebook.com/reshadaseamaiden
    . Wednesday, December 31, 2014 .

    Happy New Year~! My first casual video

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    . Wednesday, December 31, 2014 .


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    Happy new Year everyone! 
    Do you ever get the feeling that the year's going to become so wonderful? I do feel it! i SHARE to everyone my casual video to start the new year! yey, my very first good quality video~ oh it's like a debut video! I hope you all love it and subscribe facebook.com/reshadaseamaiden
    . Friday, December 19, 2014 .

    I am a newbie event cosplayer - A Late bloomer

    Since the day I was introduced to anime in year of 1993, I always aspired to portray the characters I love, but due to different circumstances, it remained only as a beautiful dream. Due to God’s love, he gave me the chance to be able to fulfill these dreams that’s where I started with cosplay photos in the internet, then first came Shu Uemura Cosplay where I first won the crown of Black Princess, that was the most memorable day for someone like me that aspires to cosplay for almost her whole life. I would often go teary eyed  times because of so much happiness, but hides it because it messes the makeup.

    God loves me so much and he let me be able to participate in an actual competition.

    Late discovery leads to rushing

    I discovered UP AME event just the start of the first week of December, I had big doubts if the costume will make it, I only have two weeks to do it. It took a week of planning and another week to make the costume.

     I registered thru their online ticket order form and scheduled it Friday, a week before the said event. Gladly, I was able to purchase the three tickets (P100.00 each so P300.00 total) in my SM North meetup. I asked some questions to the person that lent me the ticket and she gladly told me that there would be a lots of booths and surprises in the event. The tailoring started Monday, December 8, 2014 and ended at Wednesday, but the details of the dress was not completed. The props and the accessories processing started during the whole week till the time we went to the event. We were definitely rushing and sometimes argues some details for the costume.


    I decided to cosplay Ahri the Nine Tailed Fox in this 2014 Trailer in League of Legends.
    My practice for performance was short as I focused well on the making of the costume. We tried our best to keep with the costume essentials but was unable to make the details in the arms.

    Getting to the main Location

    The Fair is located in the East Pavilion hall, World Trade Center, the taxi dropped us at the middle of the taxi terminal in World Trade Center, we found the hall on the extreme left wing. I immediately gave the Ticket to an organizer. I was wearing my costume when we got there because there would be no more time to dress up, we arrived at 4:30 and I was able to register at that time. By the entrance was the guard and the ticket booth, there is also a big space for the cosplayers in this area to shoot. I was given the green horse mark when we presented the ticket. Near the entrance was the Doll booth and the registration on the other side. When I was able to register, the staff confirmed if my picture sizes are acceptable as I printed out on different sizes yet still I tried to keep it with their contest reference rule

    They accepted it and informed me that event starts at 5:30 to 7:30 pm, and cosplayers must go to the backstage.

    We had to assemble my tail at the far back where there is no person and at 5:30 pm, we went to the backstage. My nails have to be attached this time because it was very long, it will be hard to move if I attach it early. The organizers gave us numbers and formed us in line.

    The time has come, are you ready?

    The song Savior of song opening played and I became very excited as I see this song as a sign of all the cosplayers in battle.

    We were standing all the time the Cosplay Competition started, and seriously my feet hurts like hell and the nails keep on falling as the adhesive fails because of the nail weight and my movement.

    P.S  the nails are really ancient ~ as in ancient these are one of the oldest nail design from 1990’s and it was passed down to me. I had to go back and search for them again and found out that one of the nails was torn into two T_T.

     oh, one thing, I'd like to Thank Miss Kei Shiratori for selling me my Ahri ear. ^_^

     One organizer told me that they couldn’t play my music file so they will use the first Ahri music background of the other Ahri cosplayer.

    I told her if she could talk to my companion near them so that he can provide another copy solution for my music but she told me that she can do anything because there’s no time. I agreed.

    The numbering was not followed and I was behind Cosplayer 14. The organizer told me that I should be next to Cosplayer 14 because the others are mechanical and difficult to mobilize and takes time.

     Seconds before I went upstage the girl organizer (who informed me that the music was not able to be played) found a solution and it can be played. So, I was happy and they told me to walk to the stage.

    photo courtesy of deremoe.com
    As I walk up, I still have not heard my music and when I got to the middle stage, there was no music, I looked at the audience and I couldn’t see anyone, all the lights directed to me made everything white, and so I told myself that the show must go on,
    photo courtesy of deremoe.com
    I raised my arms to give the Ahri Poses and her tried depict her running gestures, then gave my last post on the left side and gave an exit.
     photo courtesy of deremoe.com
     photo courtesy of deremoe.com
     photo courtesy of deremoe.com
    photo courtesy of deremoe.com

    I never heard a single tone or sound from the audience during my performance to my exit. My thoughts came to me why the sound never played or was my performance awkward. I rushed backstage to pick up the fallen nails that fell.

    We failed to capture the video because my videographer was busy looking for my music in the background.

    Individual reactions to my cosplay.

     When I went out from the backstage, people started ask my permission to take pictures, and I was very happy to pose with them. During that time, I was still in doubt of my performances, there were times that I’d black out during conversations. Then a cosplayer told me that I really was able to greatly cosplay Ahri and my mind was shaken, all my doubts cleared, that one comment mattered a lot. I thanked him a lot!

    Geisha’s Blade invited me to pose for their booth and there, all my insecurities and doubts was slashed away. Never mind the audioless dancing, they loved the cosplay, costume and the overall package, then this is what matters most! All the staffs had their own picture of me with them and I was very very happy! (wanna cry again hehehe sorry with the drama).

    I also met Sir Kiko Francisco and he did not recognize me at first until I mentioned who I was back then the Black Princess. He took my picture like the usual and conversed a little but he was very busy at the doll booth so he rushed to go there :)

    The kids were not afraid of me anymore unlike the Black Princess Costume where they usually cry when they see me, this time they would smile at me and greet me well.


    We waited for the awarding at 8:30, I waited beside the stage, did not take dinner or snack as I was truly excited if I would make it. The band was playing my favorite Otaku songs including Ohayou from Hunter X Hunter and I enjoyed the beat and watched. Then they announce the start of the awarding, the
    2nd runner up prize of 1000 cash,
    first runner up prize of 2000 cash,
    Champion prize, an option of the Excalibur sword from Geisha’s Blade or 2000 cash + gift prizes

    Note: This competition does not have categories (No male or female or mecha category).


    Other pictures of mine caught by Photographer Solidad: https://www.flickr.com/photos/solidad/page1/


    Experience is the greatest teacher of all and she taught me the hard way, but I will always remember this and give my best next time.

    The things I learned including how to manage or what to do when there are technical problems before and during the onstage play.
    Improvements on my time management and costume making.
    Self-confidence that I must build more
    And many other things.


    Stay tune in this blog or my facebook or twitter or my upcoming cosplays. Thank you so much and do not forget to Like or comment :)

    Thank you Geisha's Blade for the photo invite in your booth, I hope to see you all for my next cosplay!
    . Friday, December 05, 2014 .

    So, I was not able to update but I went to Pangasinan This summer and some of my pictures won't upload in this blog..... huhuhuhu

    This I took with my old Fujifilm ever so reliable camera at least I had some memories!

    I will make a separate blog of LINGAYEN, PANGASINAN, A historical Place, stay tune and keep updated!
    . Saturday, September 20, 2014 .

    I was inspired by Lupin music videos:

     These are the shots of my Lupin III inspired cosplay by Fujiko.

    Find the mystery LUPIN.
    I placed a mysterious LUPIN here.... anybody see it, go LIKE :)
    The sky and the background had the perfect light setting so we rushed in to shoot, the earlier skies were much dramatic it started to fade by the time we shot it.

    Later on, it gets darker.

    One of my most favorite shots. We were flooded and this was the aftermath, the color of the place looked vibrant because of that I didnt use filters just placed the logo and signature to really get the light setting on that time.
    The weather is really cold out here I could definitely feel christmas.
    Shot just yesterday September 19.

    Speaking of which, have you watched the Lupin 3rd Movie? Like to Comment
    Found the mystery LUPIN?

    Like and Share or Comment it!
    . Wednesday, September 10, 2014 .

    Day 1: First Intake of prevention
    Time: Night time.
    Vitamin C is best absorbed during sleep.
    My symptoms:
    Hoarseness and itchy throat
    Feelings of Malaise and feverish

    Right and Left submandibular nodes

    Day 2 Prevention:

    I can do this! Another dose of the pure citrus medicated tea made by our cafe chef Mr. Jonathan Nick Cruz.

    This is by far my first time trying out the effectiveness, and the progress this day is truly amazing. The symptoms were the sore throat feeling and malaise then when I drank this yesterday, I felt better the whole day, the sore feeling in my throat is gone too, although it's gone I should never stop the treatment, after all I always stay late for my projects I would need a lot of extra C's! This was first launched at our café, Mako-chan café, which is now on super long vacation.
    I will update the progress the following day

    . Tuesday, August 12, 2014 .

    I watched as he turned into an old lady when I was young, play the most realistic game in the whole world, become a historical figure. His acting amazed and moved me all the time. 
    Jumanji  was among the magical movies I ever watched as a kid. 

    I was very young back then I did not know much about the movies or so, but I was always amazed how he portayed his character well, when I grew older, I understood the messages in each movies and was deeply moved by the character Mrs. doubtfire.

    In medicine, disappointment is my bestfriend and most of the time the atmosphere shouts of hopelessness. When bf lend me the Original Movie of Patch Adams, I remembered the times before I went to medical school, full of hopes and unlimited inspirations. He helped remind me of that. Death is unevitable but the joy that you give to others is eternal.

    Patch Adams cheering up the cancer patients.

    So, I salute to the one man that gave natural endorphins and touched our hearts!
    Have a great journey Mr. Robin, Thank you for all the inspiration!

    . Sunday, August 10, 2014 .

     Im starting my Chibi collection for the blog, made the blonde version of me back in 2012
     reference picture