Last two years , I showed to you my Halloween Treat, I was dressed in this lace dress. 
I never got the chance to tell the details of  my dress.

I introduce to you ladies and gentlemen, my very own designed dress by Boyfriend Jonathan, He named it Vanilla Lace. Vanilla lace dress' name is based from the color of the cloth.
It's length was specifically measured in my body, skirt length lace from top to bottom.Originally, this was a two-piece dress divided in the waist, but in photos, it makes an illusion of a one-piece dress.
The cloth is very soft and light, when I wore it, it felt as if I wasn't wearing anything except for my undergarments.

Boyfriend also did my hair color, seriously he's a pain when it comes to hair, he makes sure that each strand is well colored.

My Dress accessories

His Gifts
My ring, a heart-shaped crown adorned with diamonds,  given as a promise ring
My necklace is a real pearl necklace, Wish Pearl, I got the LOVE pearl, I do believe this is true..

My watch, made with Swarovski Crystals also given  as a Graduation Gift.

Love Pearl Necklace
About my necklace, BF found it online in search for unique items for a gift. He found this rare piece back in 2006.
 It comes in small elegant box, inside you'll find this Clam, a open-pick, an empty necklace, and a beautiful story. Before you open, you have to make a wish!

you can read about it online:

Including the pearls interpretation.

 There will be instructions in the box on how to open the Clam.
Inside you will find this beautiful pearl ~ tadaa

This is my pearl and its interpretation
Lavender: Love
wishpearl gift boxes
Purple has long reflected royalty and wealth. Lavender or violet traditionally symbolizes spirituality and is linked with our deeper feelings. Light violet is interpreted as sensuality. Tibetan monks were said to possess a "seduction pearl" that caused any woman caught in its rays to become ravenous for love, so it is not surprising that pearls were prescribed as a love potion.

 Latest designs and versions came out on the market, mine's a necklace like the first picture (earring)

This is the event that we both attended, a great night party.

what we did is literally eat ~

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